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Bob Harig’s Tiger & Phil provides an in-depth chronicle of the decades-long rivalry that drove the success of golf’s two biggest stars, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

For more than two decades, there have been two golfers who have captivated, bemused, inspired, frustrated, fascinated, and entertained us, and in doing so have demanded our attention – Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Even with all the ink that has been spilled on Tiger, no one has ever written about his relationship with Phil and how their careers have been inextricably intertwined. Furthermore, very little has been written about Phil Mickelson, who is more than just an adversary. He is a fascinating Hall of Fame golfer in his own right.

These two biggest names (and draws) in golf have, for better and for worse, been the ultimate rivals. But it is so much more complicated than that. Each player has pushed the other to be better. They have teased each other and fought. They have battled to the bitter end on the course making for some of the greatest moments in the game for the last 20 years. They have each gone through injury and health problems, legal problems, falling in and out of favor with the press. And over the course of their time together in the game they have gradually become not just rivals but friends.

In the tradition of major bestsellers such as Arnie & Jack, When the Game Was Ours, The Rivals, and Brady vs. Manning, Tiger & Phil will change the way we look at these players and the game itself.


I am not a golfer, my husband is though. I have spent a good amount of time watching golf tournaments with him(even one while in labor!). So, I have followed Tiger and Phil through a good bit of their careers. I recommend you have some knowledge of golf before you pick this book up. If not, you may be lost in a lot of places.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is very well researched and very informative. This covers almost all of these two golfers’ careers and many of their interactions and various situations.

Now, I am team Phil. I always have been. So, take this with a grain of salt. I felt like there was a bit of favoritism toward Tiger in this. I thought it most of the way through the book. But, I thought…let me wait to form an opinion when the author gets to Tiger’s scandal about his marriage. Very little was said about the incident but Harig devoted paragraph after paragraph to Phil’s scandal about insider trading. Now, give the devil his due, there may have been a lot more information available about Phil’s incident. But, it did solidify my opinion in the matter.

Adam Barr narrated this book and did a superb job. He is steady and very smooth!

Need a good sports biography about two fantastic, talented golfers…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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Side note…

This is how close I got to Phil at the FedEx tournament in Memphis last year! Like I said…team Phil!

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