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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Drowning Kind comes a genre-defying new novel, inspired by Mary Shelley’s masterpiece Frankenstein, that brilliantly explores the eerie mysteries of childhood and the evils perpetrated by the monsters among us.

1978: At her renowned treatment center in picturesque Vermont, the brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Hildreth, is acclaimed for her compassionate work with the mentally ill. But when she’s home with her cherished grandchildren, Vi and Eric, she’s just Gran—teaching them how to take care of their pets, preparing them home-cooked meals, providing them with care and attention and love.

Then one day Gran brings home a child to stay with the family. Iris—silent, hollow-eyed, skittish, and feral—does not behave like a normal girl.

Still, Violet is thrilled to have a new playmate. She and Eric invite Iris to join their Monster Club, where they catalogue all kinds of monsters and dream up ways to defeat them. Before long, Iris begins to come out of her shell. She and Vi and Eric do everything together: ride their bicycles, go to the drive-in, meet at their clubhouse in secret to hunt monsters. Because, as Vi explains, monsters are everywhere.

2019: Lizzy Shelley, the host of the popular podcast Monsters Among Us, is traveling to Vermont, where a young girl has been abducted, and a monster sighting has the town in an uproar. She’s determined to hunt it down, because Lizzy knows better than anyone that monsters are real—and one of them is her very own sister.

A haunting, vividly suspenseful page-turner from the “literary descendant of Shirley Jackson” (Chris Bohjalian, author of The Flight Attendant), The Children on the Hill takes us on a breathless journey to face the primal fears that lurk within us all.


Violet, Eric and now add Iris, are siblings. Their grandmother is a renowned psychiatrist. She has a treatment center next to their home. Vi, Eric and Iris spend a lot of time pretending to hunt monsters. They have their own club and even write a book with illustrations. But, are they hunting monsters or remembering the past.

This story is told in several voices and several time periods and the author nailed all of them. To me, this is one of the hardest things an author does and sometimes it just doesn’t work. Every section of this book is mesmerizing and all work well together to tell the story!

I cannot tell y’all what kind of page turner this is! The children pull at your heart. Then the setting of the psychological treatment center and the secrecy of Gran, really mess with your mind.

Well! Jennifer McMahon has done it again! This is over the top good! I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen at the end…but..PLOT TWIST! Y’all need to run get this today…don’t wait!

Need a fantastic thriller…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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