Until We Meet by Camille Di Maio @grancentralpub #historicalfiction #bookreview


New York City, 1943

Can one small act change the course of a life?Margaret’s job at the Navy Yard brings her freedoms she never dared imagine, but she wants to do something more personal to help the war effort. Knitting socks for soldiers is a way to occupy her quiet nights and provide comfort to the boys abroad. But when a note she tucks inside one of her socks sparks a relationship with a long-distance pen pal, she finds herself drawn to a man she’s never even met.

Can a woman hold on to her independence if she gives away her heart? Gladys has been waiting her whole life for the kinds of opportunities available to her now that so many men are fighting overseas. She’s not going to waste a single one. And she’s not going to let her two best friends waste them either. Then she meets someone who values her opinions as much as she likes giving them, and suddenly she is questioning everything she once held dear.

Can an unwed mother survive on her own?Dottie is in a dire situation—she’s pregnant, her fiancé is off fighting the war, and if her parents find out about the baby, they’ll send her away and make her give up her child. Knitting helps take her mind off her uncertain future—until the worst happens and she must lean on her friends like never before.

With their worlds changing in unimaginable ways, Margaret, Gladys, and Dottie will learn that the unbreakable bond of friendship between them is what matters most of all.


Margaret wants to do more for the war effort. She works at the navy yard but she still feels the need to help. She decides to teach her friends how to knit. These lovely ladies get together and start to knit socks. It is not long after the first shipment of socks have been delivered that a beautiful pen pal relationship begins.

Margaret, Gladys and Dottie come from different backgrounds but are fast friends. Dottie finds herself in a situation most women did when their men went off to war. Gladys is more of a free spirit until the right one comes along. And Margaret is bossy and a go getter! She is the leader of the team and one of my favorites.

I read this in one sitting on a plane ride to NYC. PERFECT BOOK FOR THAT TRIP! I loved the setting, the friends and the story. This takes you on a roller coaster ride of feelings. I dang near cried on the plane!

Need a good WWII love story…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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