Hidden Agendas by D. Marshall Craig, M.D @prbythbook #mystery #fiction #bookreview


When busy trauma surgeon Dr. Kyle Chandler goes to a medical symposium in London, he agrees to two innocent meetings for his friend Ian Griffin, who runs a private investigation firm. During his time in England, Dr. Chandler stumbles on a mysterious system of illegal smuggling to the United States. How could the smuggling of products in bulk wine carriers have anything to do with the shipping of French antiques? As Kyle continues his investigation, he soon realizes he faces a powerful, complex network involving organized crime. At the same time, escalating threats to him reveal the truth-and the truth nearly costs him his life.


Dr. Kyle Chandler is a trauma surgeon. He has been asked to attend a symposium in London. However, a friend, Ian Griffin, has implored him to look into a mystery while he is there. It appears that there may be a smuggling ring going on involving priceless antiques. The further Kyle digs into this mystery the more dangerous it becomes.

I did find that this novel a has a good many mundane details. Just a minor issue. But, the story itself is very unique and creative. I enjoyed the complexity of the mystery. And Dr. Chandler is very intelligent and, I want to say, suave and debonair. This novel had a Sherlock Holmes feel to it. A good man on a hunt for answers!

Need an all around good mystery…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel for a honest review.

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