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Revenge is a diamond best served cold.

A year after THE STEAL, Ania Throne is determined to take back what the Leopard stole from her. Together with her lover and partner, Jerome, she stages a spectacular heist during the Venetian Carnival, to lure out the treacherous mastermind they unmasked. She’s willing to risk it all—until her revenge takes a dangerous twist that could cost her what she loves the most.

Jerome Curtis has given up everything for Ania. She needs his help and he’s fallen head over heels for the world’s most eligible jewelry designer. But when their daring scheme to catch the thief who escaped turns on them, he’s targeted for a crime he never wanted to commit—and he has to find a way out fast.

From a glamorous costume gala to the winter canals of Venice, Ania and Jerome must confront the choices they’ve made and bait a new trap to catch the Leopard, before the Leopard springs his trap on them. This time, the stakes are personal, but with more than diamonds on the line, can they escape the bait or will it separate them forever?

The second novella in To Catch A Leopard, THE BAIT is a nail-biting romantic caper by bestselling authors C.W. Gortner and M.J. Rose.


This is the second novella in the To Catch a Leopard Series. This story is set in Venice. Jerome and Ania are trying to trap the famous burglar, The Leopard. However, the tale twists and Jerome is accused of a crime.

I did not enjoy this one as well as I did the first in this series. I believe it is because I found Ania to be a bit overbearing and spoiled. But, she and Jerome have a unique connection which adds so much to this story.

I also loved the Venice setting. The authors did a great job making it real for the reader. With the bad smells and the crumbling areas of the town, I felt like I was right there!

Need a quick mystery set in beautiful Venice…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest opinion.

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