Fortune Favors the Duke by Kristin Vayden @sourcebooks #bookreview. #romance

For fans of Ella Quinn, Amelia Grey, and Bridgerton comes the first in a new historical romance series with all your favorite tropes:

•    Friends to lovers romance

•    Forbidden romance

•    Reluctant dukes

•    Tight-knit family saga

The new Duke has a proper scandal brewing.

Quinton Errington is perfectly happy teaching at Cambridge, with his elder brother carrying the duties of being the Duke of Wesley. But when a trip to celebrate Wesley’s last week of bachelorhood ends in tragedy, Quinton, who becomes the Duke, would give anything to have his brother back.

Wesley’s would-be bride, Catherine Greatheart, is left heartbroken and alone. Her grandmother has fallen ill, and Catherine has nowhere left to turn but to the family she was so close to being part of. The new Duke is kind, and she could use a friend.

Between learning how to be the head of his family, mourning his brother, and trying not to fall in love with his late-brother’s fiancée, Quinton will need some help—and it’s a good thing he’s not alone.

Kristin Vayden has published over a dozen titles with Blue Tulip Publishing, New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s publishing company. Kristin’s inspiration writing romance comes from her tall, dark and handsome husband with killer blue eyes. With five children to chase, she is never at a loss for someone to kiss, something to cook or some mess to clean but she loves every moment of it! Kristin lives with her family in Washington state.


Quin, due to a tragic accident, has now inherited the title of Duke. Lady Catherine Greatheart, his brother’s fiancée, is also thrown into chaos. She has no idea what the future holds for her now. But, as you can guess, these two begin to gravitate toward each other because of the uncertain future.

Now, this is not my normal genre. I have not read this genre in years. This is a unique diversion for me. I enjoyed these two characters and their situation. They just felt like they belonged together. But, like usual in this type of romance, there are no surprises. This story is predictable and a bit too subdued for my tastes. But, it was very good for a quick, easy read.

Need a good romance for the new year…This is it! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for an honest opinion.

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Catherine could not sleep. In fact, when she closed her eyes, it was as if she became more awake.

She rose from bed and padded over to her chair by the low-­burning fire. There hadn’t been much change to her grandmother’s condition, and if she didn’t improve, the solicitor would likely recommend that Lord Bircham be contacted.

How she hated that he could hold any power over her future! Someone she didn’t know, who hadn’t any understanding of her or her grandmother, was to be given power over an estate he didn’t earn or inherit, all because he was a male relative.

It was bloody well infuriating.

And she wasn’t going to sit back and let it happen.


She’d fought through too much pain, survived too much to allow her future to be dictated to her. This was her family, her estate, her future, and she was going to have a say in it, come what may.

But she needed information.

Who was this Lord Bircham? She had only met him once, and it was so long ago. The fire burned lower in the grate as she watched the embers stir and flare, her thoughts swirling. Who would be the best informant? She could have—­should have—­asked Quin, but he had done so much already. She didn’t want to rely on him, not for this, though she did have the sneaking suspicion he wasn’t asking for permission, simply going and finding information regardless.

If so, all the better. But she wasn’t going to wait for him.

She wished there was some random gossip she could uncover—­it would be the easiest way to find out information—­and as soon as she thought of that, a plan formed in her mind.

Who else knew everything except for the ladies of the ton? If there was a scandal, or rumor of one, they would know.

What she needed was someone she could trust, who wouldn’t turn her situation into new gossip, someone who would just give information, not take it. Lord Penderdale—­Morgan—­had mentioned his younger sister was debuting this season; Joan was her name. Perhaps she would know something? Yet as she considered it, Catherine disregarded the idea.

She needed someone who had listened to the gossip for years, who would know the older scandals, or lack thereof.

Relief flowed through her and she smiled as she thought of a name.

Yes, it was perfect.

And trustworthy.

A sense of peace eased her anxious mind as she started to work out the details. The desk was a short walk from her place near the fire, and with a few steps, she was sitting before a leaf of paper and writing a quick note.

Your Grace,

It would be my sincerest honor to have you over for tea. Would today be acceptable?


Catherine Greatheart

Catherine sealed the message and set it just to the side of her desk, awaiting dawn. With a plan formed, she returned to bed, hope filling her heart, and finally fell asleep.

When she awoke, the sunlight was already brightly streaming through her bedroom window. It took only a moment for her to remember her plans from earlier, and with a determination she hadn’t felt in some time, she rose from bed and slipped the letter from her desk. Ringing for her maid, she swept her hair to the side and over her shoulder, pondering the other aspects of her plan that she would need to put into motion today.

As she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she paused. Her grandmother would be proud of her progress, taking control—­and doing it regardless of the fear that could easily consume her.

Fear of the unknown.

She nodded to her reflection, determination patching all the leftover cracks that hadn’t been filled before. The door opened, and Millard entered, offering a quick curtsy.

“Good morning. Please have this dispatched to the Duchess of Wesley’s residence.”

Millard took the note. “Shall I have the messenger wait for a reply?”

Catherine thought for a moment. “No.” She was quite certain the Duchess of Wesley would accept the invitation; Quin had already implied she was planning to visit anyway.

“Right away, my lady.” Millard left to give the message to the servant who would deliver it, leaving Catherine with her thoughts once more.

She looked at the clock on the mantel over the fireplace and noted she had a lot of time before she could expect the duchess.


When Millard returned, Catherine put on a lovely day dress. She was going shopping—­and not just for clothes, but for everything else that could land her the most important piece of her plan.

A husband.

The season would start soon, and she needed the dresses they’d already ordered to be ready, but with a few changes. She wasn’t a debutante anymore. But neither was she a widow. However, there was a thin line between the two that allowed for some freedom in her choices in clothing. She wasn’t going to sit by idly, waiting for someone to win her heart. No. She had done that and lost nearly everything.

The morning light illuminated her desk as she approached, her need to write a list burning inside her. Something to keep her focused. Something to keep her from settling for less. She inked the pen and hovered over the paper.

Husband requirements:

Rich—­no fortune hunters

Not belittling of women in business ventures

Interested in supporting the arts


No gambling history

Kind to his mother/sisters

She studied the list and frowned. That was pretty much every other lady’s list; there wasn’t anything unique about it. She doubted anyone wanted a gambling and abusive man—­but she needed, wanted something more than she could articulate.


Of course, but she wasn’t going to hold out for it. She’d had it once, or close enough. She wanted…

The word hit her with a solid thump in her chest, setting her heart to pounding. A partnership. Not a legal obligation. Not a man to officiate her life. Someone to walk beside her, to listen to her. Heavens, was that asking too much? To have a husband who could take advice from a woman? She grimaced. It shouldn’t be asking too much, but she wondered if maybe it was still difficult to find in a London ballroom. Perhaps she needed more from the Duchess of Wesley than merely information on her cousin. Maybe she needed information on other things too. Other people.

Could she do it? Take that step? Did she dare ask her almost-­mother-­in-­law about other men? Did she have anyone else to ask? No. She didn’t. So, with a bit of a hysterical chuckle, she realized she was going to do the unthinkable. Ask the woman who was going to be her mother-­in-­law for help on finding a husband.

Good Lord.

She was either making a brilliant plan or a fatal error. And the worst part was that she wouldn’t know till later. She’d need to wrestle with the decision for hours yet, if not days.

But if it worked…

The hope of that echoed through her, filling her and pushing back the fear. The risk was far outweighed by the reward. And right now she needed an ally. She only hoped she’d made the right decision in who.

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