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In this flirty wilderness adventure by the author of The Marriage Code, two hikers who drive each other crazy discover they might have a lot to learn from one another about navigating life, love, and living up to family expectations.

Ever since her father died, Bernie’s life has been stagnant. When concerned friends and family suggest she join a hike through Alaska to gain new perspective, Bernie reluctantly agrees to go, even though she’s never been the adventurous type, unlike her namesake, Great-Aunt Bernice.

Matthew is a struggling screenwriter who needs a week off the grid to gain some inspiration for a new project and to process the reappearance of his absent father.

When the two meet at the trailhead, it’s annoyance at first sight. He’s dismayed to discover that he’ll have to share a tent with Bernie, who doesn’t know the first thing about camping, while she finds he’s a little too into “roughing it” to be a reasonable human being. But as they’re forced to hike through the wilderness together, their relationship becomes a surprising source of empathy and inspiration…and maybe other feelings too. Can the two adversaries find the path to breaking the curse of family expectations – and each other?


Bernie has been forced to take her vacation days. This is truly what she does NOT want to do. Her mother decides that she needs an adventure. So, she books Bernie on a hiking trip in Alaska. She thinks Bernie needs to start acting more like Great-Aunt Bernice. Bernie is named after her so she needs to be adventurous like her namesake.

The trip does not start off as planned. When Bernie arrives, she realizes she will have to share a tent with a cute guy named Matthew. Matthew is a struggling screen writer and he is on this trip to clear his head. He has no intentions of being stuck with someone who knows nothing about camping or hiking.

As you can guess, these two clash on a huge scale. I adore Bernie. She is a character after my own heart. She is an introvert, she loves smutty novels and she is the least adventurous person on this trip. But she has the best attitude. She basically rolls with whatever life throws at her. Then there is Matthew. He really has a great heart and it comes out as the novel moves along.

Give me a book set in Alaska and I am hooked. Add these great characters and cute little quips and you have a wonderful tale.

Need a cute, adorable read..THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel for a honest review.

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