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From romance author Tif Marcelo comes a heartwarming story about taking a second chance on love at a family-owned couples resort.

Heart Resort, a private resort in the Outer Banks, is a romantic getaway for couples but a hotbed of family drama for its proprietors, the Puso family. Brandon Puso, the youngest of the four siblings, prefers life on his own as a licensed contractor in DC after a falling-out with his eldest brother.

After a hurricane plows through the Outer Banks, Brandon has a change of heart. He returns to the resort to help with the grand reopening but encounters his big sister’s best friend, designer Geneva Harris, who’s there to do the same thing. But Geneva and Brandon have a secret. Years ago, they had a secret romance that ended in heartbreak.

With the resort’s future at stake, Brandon and Geneva decide to put the past aside and to keep peace with the family. But as their mutual attraction heats up, they have to decide if history will repeat itself—or if this time, love gets a second chance.


Brandon and Geneva have known each other forever. Geneva is best friends with his sister. So, these two do everything they can to keep their past romance, which crashed and burned, a secret. But, when they come together for a family business venture…the chemistry is just too much to hide!

There is just something about Tif Marcelo’s characters. They are always just a bit more unique than you expect. And this story is no different. I adore Brandon. He has family issues and he is trying so hard to fit back in where he belongs. Then there is Geneva. She is hardworking but a tad bit insecure about herself.

These two characters get together…after a few hits and misses…and they end up helping each other see their real potential.

I just love a story which is truly inspiring and encouraging! Need a quick, easy, heartwarming read…THIS IS IT!

I received this novel from the author for a honest review.

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