The Shadow People by Joe Clifford #5starread #thriller #review


A riveting, twisty psychological thriller from acclaimed author Joe Clifford, perfect for fans of The Whisper Man

Brandon Cossey is finishing his last semester as an undergrad when he learns his childhood best friend, Jacob Balfour, has committed suicide. The news about Jacob, who had long battled schizophrenia, does not come as a surprise—but the bizarre details surrounding his death do. Jacob was found several states away, in a quarry, burned alive. Brandon returns to his hometown and discovers Jacob had been moonlighting as an amateur DIY reporter. As sole author and editor of the homemade zine Illuminations, Jacob has been covering a wide array of conspiracy theories. When Jacob’s estranged grandfather, Francis, who also suffers from schizophrenia (but chooses to go untreated), arrives for the funeral, he tells Brandon that Jacob didn’t kill himself; Jacob stumbled upon a secret so deadly he was murdered to keep it quiet.

Soon afterwards, Brandon’s life takes a turn for the strange. He notices odd cars and lookalikes following him, his personal property is hacked and stolen, and Brandon can no longer trust what he thinks he sees. As his grasp on reality recedes and falters, Brandon must question whether a sinister gang of doppelgängers, whom Jacob dubbed “the Shadow People,” are really responsible. Events conspire to put Brandon on the road with Francis, as the unlikely duo travel across the upper Midwest attempting to learn the truth about Jacob’s death. 

Part conspiracy thriller, part horror noir, The Shadow People mines the rich depths of perception and paranoia, asking the tough question: when you can’t believe yourself, who can you trust?


Brandon is about ready to embark to graduate school when his childhood friend, Jacob, dies. Jacob has had numerous psychotic episodes in his life. But, circumstances surrounding his death just do not add up to suicide.

Brandon and Jacob’s estranged grandfather, Francis, start their own investigation. Francis also has psychotic episodes, basically because he refuses treatment for schizophrenia. Brandon finds himself in a whole different situation than he ever imagined. With shadow people, strange happenings and even murder, Brandon must fight for his life to find the truth.

I love a story which has me guessing all the way through. This one definitely keeps you on your toes! I swear…this story is part horror and part psycho thriller. Add in all these unusual characters and you have a great tale! I think this is Joe Clifford’s best novel yet!

Need a story that is twisted and unique…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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3 Responses to The Shadow People by Joe Clifford #5starread #thriller #review

  1. Sheri Dye says:

    Now this is more my normal kind of reading material.. this sounds So good. TBR for me..
    Fantastic review!

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