Welcome Back to Rambling, Texas by June Favor @sourcebookscasa


For fans of Carolyn Brown, Sherryl Woods, and Sharon Sala, comes a heartfelt, Southern second chance story for a single mom and her rambunctious young daughter.

Reggie Lee Stafford is a hometown girl living in Rambling, the town in Texas Hill Country where she grew up. As a single mom, her world revolves around her young daughter and her great job writing for the local newspaper. But her peaceful life is turned upside down when Frank Bell—the bane of Reggie’s teenage existence—returns to town to claim his inheritance.

Now, Frank is the owner of the local paper where Reggie works. Reggie can’t imagine going to work every day and seeing her old nemesis. Frank seems intent on apologizing, and if he plays his cards right, he might be able to make up for having been such a jerk when they were young. But Reggie has more than her own reputation to protect this time, and Frank is going to have to pull out all the stops to prove he’s worth a second chance.


Reggie Lee is a daughter, a single mom, a reporter and a hometown girl. When her old high school nemesis, Frank, returns to Rambling, Texas, she just knows her life is about to change.

Frank now owns her newspaper where she works. By a twist of fate…Reggie Lee becomes the editor to this cash strapped outfit. Frank is now someone she must depend on to keep her job!

This is just a typical romance. No surprises or unique situations. But, I did enjoy the banter between Reggie Lee and Frank. These two have very good chemistry and they just made this story so much more enjoyable.

Need a sweet story with great characters …THIS IS IT!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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