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About The Book:

Chosen as one of the Top 3 Best Fiction Books in 2020 for Canadian Book Clubs. — CBCA

Set mainly in Boston, What’s Not Said is a sassy and saucy story about Kassie O’Callaghan, a middle-aged woman on a mission to divorce her emotionally abusive husband and start a new life with a younger man she met while on a solo vacation in Venice. When she learns her husband has chronic kidney disease, her plans collapse until she pokes around his pajama drawer and discovers his illness is the least of his deceits.

Then again, Kassie is no angel. The separate lives they lead collide head-on into a tangled web of sex, lies, and DNA. As she helps her husband find an organ donor, Kassie uncovers a secret, forcing her to decide whose life to save:  her husband’s or her own.

The sequel, What’s Not True, continues Kassie’s quest, can stand on its own, and will be published in August 2021.


Kassie is plotting and planning. She is going to escape this awful marriage and run right into the arms of another. But, fate has a way of spoiling the best intentions. Her husband, Mike, becomes desperately ill and Kassie must now become his caretaker. Her idea of a fairytale romance is just not happening.

I love a story which gives you all the feels. And this one does. I think I was mad at everyone at one point. Then my emotions flipped again!

This is a tale which is a little bit of everything. It is a mystery and a romance all rolled into one. It is about deceit on both sides of a marriage. It is full of lies and deceptions! Plus, one of the main characters, Kassie, is flawed. I love it when a character has some faults and the author gets it right.

Need just a good, well rounded read…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the author for a honest review.

About The Author:

Valerie Taylor was born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. She had a thirty-year career in the financial services industry as a marketer and writer. After her divorce, she spread her wings and relocated her career, first to Boston and then to Seattle. When she retired, she resettled in Shelton, Connecticut to be near her two grown children and granddaughter. She’s a published book reviewer with BookTrib.com and a member of the Westport Writers’ Workshop. She enjoys practicing tai chi and being an expert sports spectator. What’s Not Said is her debut novel. www.valerietaylorauthor.com

Social Media and Other Links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/valerietaylorauthor

Instagram: www.instagram.com/valerieetaylor

Twitter: www.twitter.com/valerieemtaylor

Amazon: https://amzn.to/354izun

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2NCRCpf

Book Blurbs:

“Taylor’s dialogue is snappy and contemporary . . . A witty and often amusing family drama.”―Kirkus Reviews

“In this dramatic tale of love, lust, and lies, author Valerie Taylor crafts an entertaining and gripping story. . . . a shocking novel full of secrets, twists, and turns, but it also has elements of pure humor and deep love. If I had to pick one word to describe What’s Not Said, it would be the word ‘captivating.’”―Readers’ Favorite

“What’s Not Said is highly recommended for women who look for not just stories of marital relationships, but the unexpected revelations that revolve around life purpose and the immortality of love.”―Midwest Book Reviews

“What’s Not Said is oh-so-clever at illustrating the unintended consequences of secrets. Valerie Taylor’s characters face a tangle of events and emotions that keep the reader turning pages!”―Joan Cohen, author of Land of Last Chances

“Wonderfully entertaining! You’ll find yourself rooting for the main character from the beginning as she finds herself divided by mixed loyalties and her own desires. Taylor has written a sharp-witted and fun story, so grab a seat, buckle in and enjoy!”―Marianne Lile, author of Stepmother: A Memoir

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