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From the author of the “fast-paced, heartbreaking, and hopeful” (Kristin Harmel, author of The Room on Rue AmélieThe Light After the War, a riveting and heartfelt story of a young woman recruited to be a spy for the resistance on the French Riviera during World War II. 

Paris 1943: Lana Antanova is on her way to see her husband with the thrilling news that she is pregnant. But when she arrives at the convent where he teaches music, she’s horrified to see Gestapo officers execute him for hiding a Jewish girl in the piano.

A few months later, grieving both her husband and her lost pregnancy, Lana is shocked when she’s approached to join the resistance on the French Riviera. As the daughter of a Russian countess, Lana has the perfect background to infiltrate the émigré community of Russian aristocrats who socialize with German officers, including the man who killed her husband.

Lana’s cover story makes her the mistress of Guy Pascal, a wealthy Swiss industrialist and fellow resistance member, in whose villa in Cap Ferrat she lives. Together, they gather information on upcoming raids and help members of the Jewish community escape. Consumed by her work, she doesn’t expect to become attached to a young Jewish girl or wonder about the secrets held by the man whose house she shares. And as the Nazis’ deadly efforts intensify, her intention to protect those around her may put them all at risk instead.

With Anita Abriel’s “heartfelt and memorable” (Pam Jenoff, New York Times bestselling author) storytelling, Lana’s Waris a sweeping and suspenseful tale of survival and second chances during some of the darkest days of history.


Let me start by saying…this cover is gorgeous!

Lana’s husband has been shot by the Gestapo right in front of her. The stress of seeing the love of her life brutally murdered causes Lana to lose her baby. She is determined these deaths will not go unanswered. Lana joins the resistance and heads to the Mediterranean Coast. She is determined to save as many Jewish children as she can and to find the Gestapo agent responsible for her loss.

Lana is a character I should have loved more than I did. I was not a fan of her stubbornness. It made her look stupid and a little selfish, in my opinion. But, that did not stop me from enjoying this read.

I definitely loved the setting of the Mediterranean. I don’t think I have read a book set in WWII with this as a backdrop. Made it a very unique read. I also loved Guy Pascal. He is moody and he has some mysterious history.

Such a unique and intense read! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest opinion.

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  1. FAB review.

    You write the best reviews. They are succinctly written and describe just enough to make you want to grab the book right now.

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