My Name is Ben by Karl Bullock – Book Spotlight #fiction #bookspotlight

This is a book written by a local author. Looks very intriguing! Check it out!


Tom Reed is an Applied Physicist working on a project he developed for the military. While the original idea was to instantly transport military equipment from place to place, he realized it could also be used to transport people and things in time. He developed a way to bring historical figures from the past into present day without disturbing their lives in the past. When Tom activates this transport, he finds himself sitting across from our favorite kite-flying Founding Father.We have all either thought or heard the phrase “What would the Founders think if they were alive today?” Well, we find out in My Name Is Ben. Over the period of several days, Tom and his colleagues acquaint our most famous scientist to the wonders, and the disappointments, of what has become of America since our Constitution was signed in 1787. As much as he is amazed at the technological advances, he is disappointed in some of the social and political issues that we, as Americans, face every day. Franklin, not one to sit idly by and watch, eventually finds himself to the Oval Office and the halls of Congress, where he has some things to say. Join Tom, his wife, and his colleagues as they usher an astounded Founding Father into present day America, and discover some things themselves along the way.

About the Author

Karl Bullock has always had a passion for the written word and for interesting characters and stories. Having spent a life in business and technology, he has always wished to share some of his story ideas. Using many of his own personal experiences, Karl writes on his website and on his social media outlets about current events in historical context and asks the question “What if?”. In his first book, he brings to life the thought many have had: “What would the Founders think if they were alive today?”. 

An entrepreneur, Karl has managed several businesses in both the sales and service industries,
including an Internet Service Provider company he started in 1996. Married with two grown children and four grandchildren, he and his wife Amy are both active in their community and Baptist church. They live in North Mississippi along with Amy’s Parrot, who not-so-secretly wants to replace him!

Karl currently operates a data processing company from his home office.

You can keep up with Karl on his personal website at, or on the publishing site at

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