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About The Book:

Release Date: May 12, 2020

A dying wish. A secret world.

Can this grieving investigator stay on the right track?

PI Kelly Pruett is determined to make it on her own. And juggling clients at her late father’s detective agency, a controlling ex, and caring for a deaf daughter was never going to be easy. So she takes it as a good sign when a letter left by her dad ties into an unsolved case of a young woman struck by a train.

Hunting down the one person who can prove the mysterious death was not just a drunken accident, Kelly discovers this witness is in no condition to talk. And the closer she gets to the truth the longer her list of sleazy suspects with murderous motives grows.

On a crash course with a killer, she must piece together the puzzle of what really happened to the victim that rainy night, before her own fate is sealed and she loses everything near and dear, including her life.

About The Author:

A Pacific Northwest native, she enjoys the area in all its beauty. When she’s not there, you can find Mary on a beach on the Big Island where she and her husband recharge. But even under the palm trees and blazing sun she s plotting her next murder novel that is.

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Kelly and her father have a PI business. It is basically process serving. But, when a woman comes in and asks for help finding her daughter’s killer, Kelly is determined to become a true PI. However, this woman and her dad have ties which Kelly is about to discover.

When I first started reading this story, I did not think I would like it. But, the characters grew on me and the further I read the more I enjoyed it. It reads very much like an old Rockford Files show. (I know! I just dated my self!). Between an unusual death or murder via train…yes you heard me…and a host of sleazy characters, this story takes on a life of its own.

The mystery and the characters just keep getting better and better. This is a quick, no nonsense, good read! Grab your copy today!

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