The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan #review @jennycolgan


Sheer indulgence from start to finish.” – Sophie Kinsella 

Anna Trent may be a supervisor in a chocolate factory…but that doesn’t necessarily mean she knows how to make chocolate. So when a fateful accident gives her the opportunity to work at Paris’s elite chocolatier Le Chapeau Chocolat, Anna expects to be outed as a fraud. 

After all, there is a world of difference between chalky, mass—produced English chocolate and the gourmet confections Anna’s new boss creates. 

But with a bit of luck and a lot of patience, Anna might learn that the sweetest things in life are always worth working for.

A heartwarming, bittersweet story of life, love and chocolate, fans of Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Weiner and Jill Mansell will be craving sweets along with this tale of love lost and found. 

What reviewers are saying about The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris:

“both believable and funny, while the Parisian setting makes this story practically irresistible.” — Shelf Awareness Reader

“This cross—generational story is as irresistible as Colgan’s portrayal of Paris itself—and all things chocolate. ” — Publishers Weekly

“Heartwarming and funny…” —Booklist

“will have you laughing one moment and crying the next… will entertain you at every turn.” — RT Book Reviews

“A tale of two Englishwomen in Paris, of love lost and found… Gently and lovingly done.” — Dear Author


Anna has had a terrible accident at work. She shares her hospital room with her old French teacher from school. They develop a unique friendship. This leads Anna to a new job at a fancy chocolatier shop in Paris.

Anna is a little bit of a scaredy-cat. There were times I wanted to shove her in the right direction. Luckily Claire, her French teacher, knows just what buttons to push to get Anna out the door.

I enjoyed the characters in this read, especially Anna’s flat mate, Sami. He is a hoot. Then there is Anna’s love interest, Laurent. I had a love/hate relationship with him. And of course, there is Claire. You just must read this book to find out!

This is a very sweet read, pun intended. It is a bit wordy in places but the characters are amazing. And, of course, who can forget about the location! PARIS! And don’t forget the recipes! Yes! Wonderful chocolate recipes!

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  1. macjam47 says:

    This is definitely going to by TBR! Chocolate recipe? I gain weight just seeing the word.

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