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New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins crafts an unforgettable story about a sleepy Southern town, two fiercely independent women, and a truly magical friendship.

Sarah Dove is no ordinary bookworm. To her, books have always been more than just objects: they live, they breathe, and sometimes they even speak. When Sarah grows up to become the librarian in her quaint Southern town of Dove Pond, her gift helps place every book in the hands of the perfect reader. Recently, however, the books have been whispering about something out of the ordinary: the arrival of a displaced city girl named Grace Wheeler.

If the books are right, Grace could be the savior that Dove Pond desperately needs. The problem is, Grace wants little to do with the town or its quirky residents—Sarah chief among them. It takes a bit of urging, and the help of an especially wise book, but Grace ultimately embraces the challenge to rescue her charmed new community. In her quest, she discovers the tantalizing promise of new love, the deep strength that comes from having a true friend, and the power of finding just the right book.

“A mesmerizing fusion of the mystical and the everyday” (Susan Andersen, New York Times bestselling author), The Book Charmer is a heartwarming story about the magic of books that feels more than a little magical itself. Prepare to fall under its spell.


Grace has moved her family to Dove Pond to heal. Grace’s sister has passed away and Grace is now a mother of her sister’s little girl. Plus, she is trying hard to take care of her foster mother, Mama G. Mama G’s memory is failing and Grace hopes the move to Mama G’s hometown will help her recover.

Sarah, the librarian of Dove Pond, is determined that Grace is going to be the savior of their small town The books have told her so! Yes! Books speak to her. They tell her exactly who needs them most. But, Grace is overwhelmed. She is just about at the end of her rope. Between Mama G, her sassy niece, Daisy, and her new job, the savior of Dove Pond is not on her list.

I needed a good, sweet read and this one hit the spot. I loved every character in this book! This is a story about love, healing, friendship, and most of all, about books that hit you at the right time in your life. As readers we all have that one book (or two, or three!) that meant more than all the others. The Book Charmer is all about that and more!

I received this novel from Gallery Books for a honest review.

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6 Responses to The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins @TheKarenHawkins @GalleryBooks #review #thebookcharmer

  1. Ohhhhh…sounds like something I would love.

    Thanks for your lovely review and your as-always GORGEOUS, CREATIVE photo.

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  3. macjam47 says:

    I think I need to read this one!

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