She Was the Quiet One by Michele Campbell


When twin sisters Rose and Bel Enright enroll in The Odell School, a prestigious New Hampshire boarding school, it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. But the sisters could not be more different. The school brings out a rivalry between them that few ever knew existed. And the school itself has a dark underbelly: of privileged kids running unchecked and uninhibited; of rituals and traditions that are more sinister than they seem; of wealth and entitlement that can only lead to disaster.

For Sarah Donovan, wife of an ambitious teacher who is determined to rise through the ranks, Odell also seems like the best thing that could happen to their small family. But how well does she really know her husband? What lengths will he go to to achieve his goals? And when one dark night ends in murder, who is guilty, who knows the truth, and who has been in on it all along? SHE WAS THE QUIET ONE. Because murderers are almost never who you expect.


Rose and Bel are twins.  They have recently lost their parents and their grandmother has come into their lives.  She moves them to a boarding school, an exclusive and expensive boarding school in New Hampshire. Soon after they arrive, their rivalry begins.

I am really not a fan of either twin.  They work way too hard to fit in, especially surrounded by all these rich brats. Then, there is Sarah and Heath. They are in charge of the students living in their dorm. Scandal follows theses two all through this story. It reaches beyond a fever pitch. Then….you guessed it…someone is murdered.

I enjoyed this story. The anticipation of who did it and why really keeps you coming back for more. I just really disliked these characters. The girls were whiney and don’t get me started on Heath! This read more like a young adult read. But, it does grab you and keep you!

I received this novel from St. Martin’s press for a honest review!


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4 Responses to She Was the Quiet One by Michele Campbell

  1. I’m glad you liked it overall, Reeca! Wonderful review!

  2. Love your photo.

    Nice review too.

    Thanks for sharing. I think I will skip this one. 🙂

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