Friday Afternoon and Other Stories by T.D. Johnston


In a hurry, and stuck behind a dirty pickup truck on a lonely two-lane road in western North Carolina, corporate executive Bryce Stanford attempts a bad pass around the wrong guy. The events which follow will test his courage, his strength…and his soul. This is the story of a morally bankrupt man who seemingly has everything, until suddenly his every decision, every word, even every thought could make or break his fate. In the surreal tradition of The Twilight Zone, “Friday Afternoon” is an unforgettable journey into the inner reality of who a man really is, and whether he can survive a test which he does not know he is taking. As D.G. Bracey writes about this story, “T.D. Johnston’s ‘Friday Afternoon’ is a percussive burst of genius.”


This is book of short stories. Everyone of these stories is different and unique. And I will say, some are a little strange, like the blurb says…The Twilight Zone. But that just keeps you reading to the next one. You never know what the next story will bring.

My favorite was hard to choose. I narrowed it down to The Interruption of Thomas Darrow. This little short is about the execution of the co-conspirators in the Lincoln assassination. One was a woman named Mary Suratt. She was the first woman executed by the USA, and she was probably innocent.

There are many tales in this collection and if you appreciate short stories I highly recommend this selection. I enjoyed the variety and diversity. Very unique indeed!

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