The Dirty Book Club by Lisi Harrison


From the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling series The Clique comes Lisi Harrison’s debut adult novel about four modern-day strangers who inherit a dirty book club that was started in the 1960s.

M.J. Stark’s life is picture-perfect—she has a dream job as a magazine editor, a sexy doctor boyfriend, and a glamorous life in Manhattan. But behind her success, she can’t shake a deep sense of loneliness. So when her boyfriend offers her a completely new life in California after a promotion does not go her way, she decides to give it try. Once there, M.J. is left to fend for herself in a small California beach town, with only the company of her elderly neighbor, Gloria.

One day M.J. receives a mysterious invitation and a copy of Prim: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Manners. She recognizes the book as an outdated classic, but when she opens it, she discovers that it’s actually a copy of Fear of Flying by Erica Jong and the invitation is to join Gloria’s secret book club—one that only reads erotic books. Out of curiosity, M.J. goes to the meeting at a local bookstore, and discovers three other women who have also been selected by the club’s original members—who have suddenly left the country to honor a fifty-year-old pact. As these unlikely friends bond over naughty bestsellers, each woman shares not only the intimate details of her own sex life, but all areas of her life. Inspired by the characters in the novels they read—and the notes passed down by the club’s original members—the new members of The Dirty Book Club help each other find the courage to rewrite their own stories and risk it all for a happy ending.


M.J. leaves her stressful job, which she has given all of her time and energy, and follows her boyfriend to California. She ends up being bored out of her mind and she befriends her elderly neighbor. This neighbor has a secret!

Well, this book is exactly what it says. It is about a secret book club. This book club is unique in that it only reads dirty books and it is as funny as it sounds. The club also comes complete with a secret key, secret rituals and anonymity.

For this to be the author’s debut adult novel, I am very impressed! So many great things occur in this read. I love that the author incorporates how woman were in the past to how they are now. Also, how relationships have changed, yet have stayed the same, for the most part.

I throughly enjoyed the characters and their affect on each other. Some of the new members of the book club start off on the wrong foot. But, life or maybe it’s the book club tends to pull them together and make them stronger. The insertion of humor makes this a must read. It is the perfect blend of seriousness and flippancy!

These ladies solve all the worlds’ problems, plus a few of their own. Through many trials and hardships, these women come together and create a bond they never expected. This is a read about overcoming society’s expectations, friendships and the strength of women.

I received this novel from Netgalley for a honest review.

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