The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter  


A body is discovered in an empty Atlanta warehouse. It’s the body of an ex-cop, and from the moment Special Agent Will Trent walks in he knows this could be the most devastating case of his career. Bloody footprints leading away from the scene reveal that another victim – a woman – has left the scene and vanished into thin air. And, worst of all, the warehouse belongs to the city’s biggest, most politically-connected, most high-profile athlete – a local hero protected by the world’s most expensive lawyers. A local hero Will has spent the last six months investigating on a brutal rape charge.

But for Will – and also for Dr Sara Linton, the GBI’s newest medical examiner – the case is about to get even worse. Because an unexpected discovery at the scene reveals a personal link to Will’s troubled past. The consequences will wreak havoc on his life and the lives of those he loves, those he works with, and those he pursues.

But Sara’s scene-of-the-crime diagnosis is that they only have a few hours to find the missing woman before she bleeds out . 


Karin Slaughter is a master story teller. She takes her stories to the next level. I discovered her in a used book store in Branson, MO. I have no idea which book of this series I read first, I know I started out of order. Then, I went back to the book store and purchased every book by Karin in stock. I was hooked!

To say this book is intense is an understatement. The way the story entangles and weaves  is so very clever. I should be used to this from Slaughter but, she always surprises me.   

The characters are another amazing feat. One of the main characters is Angie.  Angie is a character you love to hate. The way she plays on the psyche of Will and Sara, heck…everyone she touches, is masterful. However, she also plays on the sympathy of the reader. I really want to hate her, but for some reason, I just can’t. That….is a very well thought out character!! All of the characters are unique and engaging. And the way they work together to blend the story is impressive. 

Let me provide a warning for some readers. Some of these novels can be gory and crude. This does not bother me in the least. It adds to the “realness” of the streets of Atlanta. 

I don’t read too many series.  I end up bored with the characters as the series moves along. This one is different…I just love this series!!! It is never dull and there is always a twist and turn and a surprise! Slaughter also writes other novels not part of this series. These novels are also super good reads. 

I received this novel from the publisher via Edelweiss. 

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4 Responses to The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter  

  1. dirtyrelentless says:

    I am eagerly awaiting the publication…. I have read the entire Grant County and Will Trent series. Now on Cop Town. (Can I borrow your copy?? 🙂 I am in KC!)

  2. dirtyrelentless says:

    ooooh! That makes sense that they would distribute that way!

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