The Last Dreamgirl by Shane Hayes 


For every man there’s a girl who grips his imagination and his heart as no other girl ever did or will. She may be in her teens or a mature woman. He responds to her as a boy to a girl. Whether she comes early in his life or late, there is a throne in his subconscious that she takes possession of, without trying, often without wanting to. The image he forms of her reigns there in perpetuity, even if she has left his life, or this life. Or shed the image. Or proved unworthy of it. The image endures. Her enchantment never fades or fails, and he is never immune to it. She may not be for him the last wife or paramour, but she is the last dreamgirl.


Don’t let the cover of the book fool you!!! This is not your normal “Dreamgirl” read. This is not your normal love story….by any means. This is an edge of your seat, psycho read. 

Ollie is a strange man with an unusual way to live his life or rather, end his life.  He decides to “find” his dreamgirl. And to understand exactly what that means… must read the book! I am not giving away a spoiler.

The way the author plays on the reader’s sympathy for Ollie,  is well played. What he does is wrong,  but everyone with a heart, feels for him and his issues. 

This novel draws you in and keeps you tied up in knots all the way till the end. 

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.



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2 Responses to The Last Dreamgirl by Shane Hayes 

  1. macjam47 says:

    Thanks for the warning. This is a far cry from my type of book.

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