Running Blind by Cindy Gerard PLUS GIVEAWAY #XOXperts



Tension sizzles in this new book in the One-Eyed Jacks series by New York Times bestseller Cindy Gerard: a sexy, pulse-pounding story featuring special ops agent Jamie Cooper and a female cyber analyst as they fight for justice and fall in love.

No commitments, no promises, no looking back. Those are her rules. They used to be his rules, too. Counterterrorism operative and shameless playboy Jamie Cooper has gone head-to-head with some formidable opponents, but none so quick-witted, free-spirited, and smokin’ hot as security analyst Rhonda Burns. She lives up to her name, all fiery passion and zero inhibitions. In the wake of a sniper attack that leaves a close friend clinging to life, the duo is pegged to undertake the One-Eyed Jacks’ latest security mission alone—an assignment that leads them to a top-secret desert military facility. Almost immediately, the sexual tension that has been brewing for months erupts, blindsiding Rhonda and Jamie with the intensity of their feelings. They try to play it cool, but when an elite terrorist team makes the future uncertain, they ask themselves: is it now or never?


If you need a good, quick read, this is it. This is a beach read and a half!!

The characters are perfect together. Rhonda and Jamie meld well together and really keep the story flowing. Rhonda, with her angora sweaters and Jamie, with his VERY masculine ways…OOOOLALA!!

The tale is very predictable and not real unique. But, it is action packed and entertaining nonetheless.  With all the shoot outs and covert action, it is a mover and a shaker! 

I received this book for an honest review through the XOXpert street team (which I love!!!) 


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Giveaway from XOXpert


As part of the XOXpert street team, I receive a lot of books..boy do I LOVE that!! Comment to win one of these books!! I will select a comment at random as the winner. Check out the Simon and Schuster website XOXO after dark Here.  

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2 Responses to Running Blind by Cindy Gerard PLUS GIVEAWAY #XOXperts

  1. debby236 says:

    I like XOXO so these have to be great books. Thanks

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