The Frailty of Things by Tamsen Schultz


Independence. Kit Forrester is a woman who wears her independence like armor. Despite keeping secrets and hiding her past, she’s built a life she loves and is accountable to no one. Until, that is, one of the world’s most wanted war criminals sets his sights on her and she must weigh the risk to one against the chance of justice and closure for many—a decision Kit couldn’t make on her own even if she wanted to.

Certainty. As a man who makes his living in the shadows of governments and wars, certainty isn’t a part of Garret Cantona’s vocabulary, and he’s just fine with that. But when Kit walks into his life, he realizes he’s never before been so sure about anything or anyone. Suddenly, he finds he’s looking at the world, his world, in a different light. And now that he is, he’s determined to protect it, and her, in whatever ways he can.

Frailty. No one knows better than Kit and Garret that an appreciation for what is, or what was, or what might be, can be born from the uncertainty and fragility of life. But when a hunt for a killer leaves Garret no choice but to throw Kit back into her broken and damaged past, even his unshakable faith in what they have together might not be enough to keep it from shattering into a million pieces.


Kit is a very independent woman hiding her past. She finally has her life set just as she likes it. Then Chris, her brother, and Derrick, his business partner, show up at her door and fireworks fly. 

I started out really disliking her brother. But, as the story moves along, the reader begins to understand the motivation behind his attitude and actions. Garret and Kit have excellent chemistry and heat up the pages nicely.

 With the action and the romance, this story kept me enchanted. There were places in the plot that could be more clear and smooth. However, I had a hard time putting this one down. It moves quickly and Is entertaining. 

The name of the book fits the story extremely well. It is also part of a series. I have not read the other books and did not feel lost. I will pick up the rest in the series soon. 

 Plus it is a lend me at B&N!


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