Oliver for Young Readers by Steven J. Carino and Alex Tresniowski @harpercollins #review


Everyone loves coming-home stories, especially when they include dogs and happy endings! From Steven Carino and Alex Tresniowski comes Oliver for Young Readers, a heartwarming and true story of a man searching for a beloved lost dog and finding more than he’d ever hoped for. 

When Steven Carino discovered his dog, Oliver, had been stolen from his car, he knew he would do anything to get Oliver back. The friendly Yorkie–Shih Tzu mix—with his bundle of black and brown hair, long floppy ears, and big round eyes—had been Steven’s companion during even the loneliest days. But it took more than one man to bring Oliver home. It took a community of friends and strangers who believed that love is worth fighting for.

Oliver for Young Readers offers a story of good triumphing over despair, a beautiful reminder that a little kindness can truly change the world. This hardcover middle grade book:

  • Is for ages 8 to 12
  • Has a kid-friendly design and a four-page photo insert that features Oliver and Steven
  • Includes Oliver’s “thoughts” during the journey and extra stories of Oliver and Steven’s adventures
  • Is a great gift for dog lovers
  • Has a companion book for adults: OliverThe True Story of a Stolen Dog and the Humans He Brought Together

Oliver for Young Readers is a story of good people—including hardworking immigrants, wealthy suburbanites, car mechanics, deli workers, old friends, close relatives, street cops, a dedicated TV news reporter, and one very gifted hairdresser—offering help without asking for anything in return. It’s a story of near misses, false hopes, and fresh leads ending in a joy-filled reunion on the streets of a rundown New York neighborhood. It’s a story of faith renewed and hope restored.


When I first started this book…I was a little hesitant. I am such a huge dog lover and the thought of losing one of my dogs could absolutely send me over the edge. And, I had no intention of being traumatized because of Oliver. But there is so much more to this story.

The good feeling the reader gets from this book is a true joy! As a matter of fact…I may reread this one soon. Sometimes everyone needs to be reminded about the kindness of strangers.

I enjoyed so much about this read..but especially the characters. And of course Oliver! What a charming little guy!

Need a feel good book…this is it! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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