Audible Reads for August #wrapup #audible #audio #audiobooks

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is safe and healthy! Looks like the ‘rona is here to stay. Be safe out there!

Now…on to the important stuff.

I actually listened to three audible books this month.

This one is actually from NetGalley! So, my review for that one will be next month.

Megge of Bury Down

This next one was our book club selection this month. I was hesitant to read this one. I have never been a fan of this author. And for the life of me…I cannot tell you why. However, I enjoyed this book immensely. I probably would not have liked it as well if I had read it and not listened to it. The narrator is amazing and did an excellent job.

Have You Seen Luis Velez?

Next up and the final one for the month is A Little Life. Y’all! This is one of the best books I have ever read…and that is saying something! As soon as I finished it, I wanted to start it again. It is heart wrenching and one of the best written books I have ever come across. I actually went and bought a physical copy of the book. Not only is the story amazing, the narrator of this audio book, Oliver Wyman, is the best I have ever heard.

A Little Life

Thank you for stopping by! What have you listened to this month? Inquiring minds want to know!

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