Junkie Love by Joe Clifford

Peanut was not too happy to have her photo taken!


From the cow fields of Connecticut to the streets of San Francisco, Joe Clifford’s Junkie Love traverses the lost highways of America, down the rocky roads of mental illness to the dead ends of addiction. Based on Clifford’s own harrowing experience with drugs as a rock ’n’ roll wannabe in the 1990s, the book draws on the best of Kerouac & the Beats, injecting a heavy dose of pulp fiction as it threads a rollicking narrative through a doomed love triangle, lit up by the many strange characters he meets along the way. Part road story, part resurrection tale, Junkie Love finds a way to laugh in one’s darkest hour, while never abandoning its heart in search of a home.


When Joe Clifford fell into drugs, he fell hard and fast and he just kept falling. Plus, he took several people along with him for the ride.

I learned a lot in this book and I am a pharmacist. You would think I would already know some of this stuff. But, I don’t think I have ever read about anyone being as desperate to get high they shoot up mouse droppings. Or, the lengths “junkies” go through to find a vein. Very eye opening for me (apparently I am sheltered!)

Joe is strong willed, in other words, stubborn! This tenacity is what gets him into this mess and this is also what gets him out. He had to be this way to come to terms with his situation.

This is a quick read but, it is also an enlightening one. I have read a few “junkie” memoirs in my day. However, I do not believe any have been as honest and as open this one is. I just wanted to jerk him bald headed!

I received a copy of this memoir from the author for a honest review. PLUS HE SIGNED IT!

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2 Responses to Junkie Love by Joe Clifford

  1. Terrific review, Reeca! I love this type of memoir and I love sassy Peanut! ♥️

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