Devil’s Playground by Dylan Kidson 


Mia Sawan thinks her time with The Firm is behind her, as she spends her days selling art to a very wealthy clientele. 

But when a Christian banker in Beirut is crucified and a 10-year-old girl in Azerbaijan is kidnapped, Mia finds herself once again at the head of a dangerous investigation. What is the connection between the two? And will she be able to find the missing girl before it’s too late? 

Racing against the clock and unsure of her real enemy, Mia must rely on her own incredible instincts, a trusted mentor and a notorious warlord, until she ultimately uncovers a conspiracy far larger and darker than she could have ever imagined. 

Devil’s Playground is a chilling, explosive and often heart-rending tale of human trafficking, violent cartels, the dark side of religion and the power of redemption.


This is one fast paced thriller. No fluff whatsoever and with a strong female lead, I was in heaven. Mia doesn’t take no for an answer and she doesn’t let anything get in her way, including bullets. Mia is a bada$$. She is one tough woman. She is brought into Beirut to find out who burned a Christian banker on a cross. But, this leads her to find a kidnapped child.  When Tatyana is kidnapped in Baku, Mia is unstoppable to find her. 

This story brings out the reality of the sex trade. How well organized, how well hidden, and how cruel, just to name a few.  I was mesmerized by this novel because I have read very little about this crime. It is an extremely sad fact and it does exist. This story tore at a piece of my heart. To know there are girls out in the world right now going through what some of these girls in this book went through, just unnerves me to no end. 

There is a huge mistake in this book which a lot of people will catch.  Medical personnel and diabetics will catch this fast. Tatyana is a diabetic but she used an Epipen to deliver her insulin.  You do not use an Epipen for insulin…makes no sense. Epipens are used for allergic reactions, not to deliver insulin.  This is not even close to being correct. It is stated in several places in this read…hope they fixed this before publishing. 

I received this book from Netgalley for a honest review. 

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