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Someone’s always watching.

Jay Brooks’s life is in chaos. His mother’s sudden death has unhinged his father, making Jay a stranger in his own home. He seeks solace by spending his spare time with his best friend, Bennie, but matters are further complicated by his crush on Chloe, Bennie’s older sister.

A wheelchair-bound hacker, Bennie Welch practically lives in his basement computer lab. Longing to make genuine connections to the outside world, he secretly films people’s precious memories for later sale and surfs the crowds at rave parties, despite the danger to his frail body.

One night, Jay’s hobby of Wi-Fi hotspot hunting turns serious when he unwittingly blunders into the scene of a crime and downloads a mysterious transmission. When Jay brings Bennie the contents of the transfer, Bennie embraces the opportunity to use his skills to investigate.

As Jay and Bennie dig deeper into the world of electronic secrets, they find that the simple video has far-reaching implications that not only threaten their lives, but society as they know it. Tracing the mysterious coalition responsible leads them on an inexorable journey that will change them forever. 


Let me start with saying..this is not my type of read. I did finish it but it did not appeal to me like it would some readers. 

Jay, by happenstance, finds himself in the middle of a murder, then a conspiracy. All of this leads to a series of superb complications and family discoveries. 

I have a soft spot for Jay. His bungling and his insecurities help to make him very appealing. I wanted to jump through the pages and be his guide!! Bennie started out as a character I wanted to hate. But, I ended up respecting his strength and intellect.  

The story itself is action packed and moves very quickly.  There is way too much technical jargon in this book for me. I was lost most of the time. Now, if this had been medical jargon, I would have been all over it! Therefore, this book may very well be a 5 star read for several tech junkies. I will give it 3 and 1/2 stars. The story and characters made up for the “above and beyond” tech speak! 

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review 

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