The Achilles Heel by Karyn Rae

Annie Whitman’s ordinary
Midwest life is shattered with the sudden death of her husband Jack.
Thirty-five and failing at life as a widow, she turns to the comforts of vodka
in an attempt to camouflage the cold sheets of an empty bed. The necessary
inebriation helps her to cope with Jack’s death, but proves to be a deterrent
in recovering any sense of normalcy. After spending several months at the
bottom of a bottle, Annie stumbles upon a lockbox in the crawl space of her basement.
Opening this box also opens her eyes to the likelihood that Jack Whitman might
not have been the honest and doting man she married. 

embarks on a mission to the Virgin Islands to uncover the truth about her
husband’s past and seek safety from her brother-in-law, who seems to be the
captain of his own sinking ship. While settling into paradise, she meets the
wickedly handsome, but surprisingly reserved Kessler Carlisle, who is
struggling with his retirement from country music superstardom. With Kessler’s
help, Annie discovers the heart’s uncanny ability to heal, and the possibility
that dead men don’t always keep their secrets-even if they’re buried in the
Caribbean waters of St. Croix. 

Achilles Heel delves into the formidable fact that everyone harbors darkness,
and some will go to the depths of the ocean to keep their secrets hidden. 

Author Bio:

Karyn Rae is an emerging Romantic-Suspense author. Her debut novel, The Achilles Heel was released in May 2014. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild. Karyn resides in Missouri with her husband, son, daughter, and chocolate lab- Augusta Mae.
The first part of Karyn’s life was spent in the South, and the last fifteen years have played out in the Midwest, but she’s still holding on to a shred of her Southern roots. She is a wife, mother, daughter, and sister who has made it her mission in life to carve out a career for herself, while keeping the husband and the children happy.

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Annie’s husband has been killed in a car crash. She soon begins to question many aspects of his life. This leads her to find a new man in her life. She is finally happy and very content. Then, her late  husband comes back to life and tears apart what she has worked so hard to build. 

Jack is a tough guy but is extremely selfish….needless to say he is not my favorite character. Annie’s new man is Kessler and I just fell in love with him. They have a great, intense romance that helps her to heal and grow.  

I loved the mysterious aspect of this read. The hunt, so to speak, to find the truth. It really kept me turning pages.  

A quick, intense read. 

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  1. macjam47 says:

    You’ve got to stop finding all these books for me! 😉

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