Heliotrope by JC Miller



Genre: Women’s Fiction

Buckle up your Birkenstocks and travel back to 1975. Discover (or relive) the pre-digital age in Arcata, a remote Bohemian college town on the northern edge of California. Meet Kit, a hard-working, bookish senior, on track for graduation–that is, until she falls for Jonathan, one-time bestselling author, now her stand-in professor. Jonathan, a master in the art of deception, isn’t who he appears to be. As their bond grows, Kit’s desire blinds her to the truth– a shocking discovery shatters her faith and ultimately tests her integrity. 

From the first blush of fall quarter to the final breath of spring, hard lessons will be learned. To “graduate” into an uncertain future, Jonathan and Kit must first embrace the present–including the injustices, ambiguities and absolute beauty of their lives. 

Beneath the ever-changing Humboldt skies they forge ahead; they stumble and sometimes fall.

Heliotrope, a coming-of age story for the ages.


Kit is a straight A, hardworking student who falls in love with her professor. The professor turns out not to be the man she thought he was. This discovery sends her on a path of self destruction. 

Don’t you just love this cover!!!  This coming of age tale brought back so many memories of my growing up years.  I remember when air travel was easy peasy and a child traveler received many free item,but never cigarettes. I am sure it happens though. 

I loved so many parts of this novel and it had so much to say.  Kit has so much going for her, talent, brains and beauty. But, she lets her impulses get the better of her. Jonathan, her professor, is a misguided, sort of self-hating person. He ends up learning a hard lesson and Kit overcomes many trials and tribulations. 

However, this novel fell apart in the middle. It was almost like the author just added plots to make the story longer. But,I see real growth in this author’s writing. I have read many of her books and this, by far, is her best. Her characters are very well developed and her story line is very unique.  And the time period…..well…..I loved it. 

 I received this novel from the author for a honest review. 

Author Bio


 JC (Jeanne) Miller, M.A., is an avid reader, aspiring traveler and table tennis enthusiast. She resides in Northern California.


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