Living in Italy The Real Deal by Stef Smulders


The experiences and adventures of two Dutchmen and their dog in Italy.

“A thoroughly entertaining read and a unique introduction to ‘the Italian way’!”

(Readers’ Favorite)

“Smulders storytelling artistry is wildly entertaining.”

(Blogcritics and Readerviews)

Funny short stories about learning to live in Italy. About mafiose real estate agents, Mussolini-type builders, lousy plumbers, Italian neighbours, murderous veterinarians, horrors in hospitals, tasting wine, eating pizza, visiting the theatre, truffle hunting and much more!

In 2008 the author emigrated to Italy, bringing husband and dog along, to start Bed & Breakfast Villa I Due Padroni. But a lot of hurdles had to be taken before the first guests could be accommodated. In 2014 Stef reported about his adventures in buying and reconstructing the house, obtaining a tax number and a bank account, registering at the commune and at the national health service, importing their car and a range of other things that lead to a myriad of bureaucratic troubles. These problems were always resolved in a truly Italian fashion, leading to raised Dutch eyebrows and hilarious scenes. As a reader you will encounter a range of characteristic Italians, from sympathetic to villainous, from moving to shameless. Real Italians of flesh and blood, sometimes cliché, somtimes surprisingly original. But always worth encountering.


This is a series of short stories about two men who move to Italy. It follows their purchase of a home, internet connections and of course FOOD. Cannot have a book about Italy without food.

Oh my! What an adventure these two have had. This is such a cute, darling read! I laughed out loud at many places in these stories, especially the one about the real estate agent. You must stay on your toes if you move to Italy. The bureaucracy needed to clear up some problems are amazing. I enjoyed learning about some the issues these men encountered and the hilarious outcomes.

The writing is a little choppy in places and some of the stories just seem to be fillers. However, I enjoyed the author’s humor and his ability to look at the bright side through many trials!

I received this book from the author for a honest review.

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  1. indiebrag says:

    We are proud to have this book as a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree!
    Thanks Reeca for a great review-

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