Lose Your Fat, Not Your Mind by Adrian Padula – BOOK SPOTLIGHT 

Lose Your Fat, Not Your Mind

By Adrian Padula

Genre: Non-Fiction


Losing weight can often be an uphill battle for most people. Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to drop those excess pounds?
After many years of working in the health and fitness industry, Adrian decided that there had to be certain principles that when followed, produced guaranteed weight loss and better health for anyone who followed them. Principles that were so simple to use and easy to implement, yet still produced remarkable results.
After years of research and testing, Adrian finally discovered the 7 ‘secret’ principles that must be followed in order to achieve the kind of body and level of health that most people desire. Moreover, this method of eating is enjoyable, easy to sustain, and can be adapted to YOUR specific lifestyle! Finally, a plan that you can actually stick with and a way of eating that WILL produce the results you have always wanted, and quickly!
*Learn how to recognise which foods literally force your body to burn body fat

*Discover which superfoods you must include in your diet to fast track your results

*Learn how to use intermittent fasting as a powerful weight loss tool

*Learn how to switch on your fat-burning hormones

*Lose 3-4 pounds every week

*Discover the biggest mistakes most people make when trying to lose weight

*Learn how to destroy your sugar cravings using a simple 4-step process

*Discover how you can finally gain control over the food you eat

*Learn how Adrian’s proven 7-step method, which has helped hundreds of his clients, can also give you amazing results

*Find out which supplements can help you to lose weight and which ones are a total waste of your money

*Discover how you can activate your ‘skinny gene’

*Have access to nutritious and easy to prepare recipes that are guaranteed to taste amazing!


About the Author


Adrian Padula is a certified nutritionist, wellness coach, chef, author and blogger. Working in the health, fitness and hospitality industries over the past 20 years ignited his passion to help others to look and feel their best through healthy lifestyle choices. Working closely with food also gave him an understanding of how people’s eating habits and lack of awareness was not only leading them further away from their goals, but also down the path to self-destruction. His ‘worthy ideal’ is to help educate people and assist them in living a happier, healthier life.

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6 Responses to Lose Your Fat, Not Your Mind by Adrian Padula – BOOK SPOTLIGHT 

  1. Jody Hill says:

    I will implement all your edits. I have three more chapters to add (you have not seen). It might be a month before I get those to you. After you review those, I will resend the complete book back to you. How does his sound? I think the only chapter you are still working on is JHA correct? Just want to make sure I stay up to date on all your changes.

    So grateful for you,


    Jody Hill (662) 512-8226 Jody.Hill34@gmail.com


  2. macjam47 says:

    Sounds like a great reference. Sugar cravings are something I’ve never experienced. My downfall is salty snacks which are not good on many levels – often fried, usually bad cards, mindless munching, often contain hidden sugars.

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