A Lowcountry Christmas by Mary Alice Monroe 


A wounded warrior and his younger brother discover the true meaning of Christmas in this timeless story of family bonds.
As far as ten-year-old Miller McClellan is concerned, it’s the worst Christmas ever. His father’s shrimp boat is docked, his mother is working two jobs, and with finances strained, Miller is told they can’t afford the dog he desperately wants. “Your brother’s return from war is our family’s gift,” his parents tell him. But when Taylor returns with PTSD, family strains darken the holidays.
Then Taylor’s service dog arrives—a large black Labrador/Great Dane named Thor. His brother even got the dog! When Miller goes out on Christmas Eve with his father’s axe, determined to get his family the tree they can’t afford, he takes the dog for company—but accidentally winds up lost in the wild forest. The splintered family must come together to rediscover their strengths, family bond, and the true meaning of Christmas.


Taylor is a soldier returning home. He is not returning home the way he was before. He is suffering from PTSD, so much so he is to the point of almost being incapacitated.  Enter Thor!  Thor is a service dog from the Wounded Warrior Project geared toward helping Taylor re-enter the real world. 

Thor upsets many dynamics in the household. The main problem is between the two brothers.  You will just need to read this wonderful book to find out.   I love all dogs and Thor is one which melts my heart. He is a dog which proves his mettle in more ways than one.  Not only does Thor help Taylor succeed, he also saves Miller. Like I said…..read the book! 

No one reels you in, attacks your every emotion and then teaches you something quite like Mary Alice Monroe. Every book this lady has written has taught me something, either about dolphins, turtles, or nature. This one is no different. The Wounded Warrior Project is now going to be a charity for me. 

This is a perfect Christmas read about family, survival, and hope.  The author never disappoints.  I cannot wait to see what is next!

I received this copy as part of Mary Alice Monroe’s street team for a honest review.


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