Better in the Morning by Fern Ronay 

Better in the MorningBy Fern Ronay

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing


Veronica Buccino has a plan: marry John DelMonico and quit her soul-sucking job as a lawyer. And when he tells her he has big news, she’s certain he’ll pop the question. But instead of proposing, John informs her that he’s moving to London.

Heartbroken, Veronica feels lost. Salvatore and Antoinette, her dead grandparents, begin to visit her dreams in an attempt to steer her in the right direction. At their suggestion, Veronica takes a news reporting class, which leads to a challenging freelance assignment covering a conspiracy trial. She also begins dating an unlikely suitor: creative Syd Blackman.

Just when her love life and career are looking up, Veronica is tossed back to square one by an event that makes her question all her new choices.


This novel is about being happy. Basically, if you do not like something within your life, do something about it. This is exactly what Veronica eventually does. She is in a dead end lawyer job. She hates her boss, plus her work is boring! The choices you make in life have many consequences. Veronica finds this out every day of her life. She tries to “do right” by a client. Her boss throws a hissy fit! 

Her boyfriend is moving to Europe. She can go “if she wants.” Not exactly the invitation she is looking for. She decides to dump her boyfriend and take a journalism class. She also signs up for

Through many twists and turns Veronica eventually finds her happy!! It is a struggle with many failed attempts. But, what fun is was to read about how she got there. 

This is a wonderful book to take to the beach. Through all of Veronica’s ups and downs, the story just keeps unfolding. A very enticing and charming read from beginning to end! 

 I received this from the author for a honest review.

Author Bio

Fern Ronay was born and raised in Belleville, New Jersey. She is a lawyer and CPA as well as a writer, reporter, and blogger. After six years in Manhattan and six years in Chicago, she now lives in sunny Los Angeles with her husband.

In addition to writing novels, Fern authors the blog Stop and Blog the Roses and is a co-host on AfterBuzzTV. When she is not writing, reporting, or blogging, Fern can be found eating something, reading something, or running.




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2 Responses to Better in the Morning by Fern Ronay 

  1. Fern Ronay says:

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful review of Better in the Morning!

    I love the name of this blog, by the way. Great site.

    Sweet dreams,
    Fern Ronay

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