Murder in A-Minor by Janis Thomas 

Murder in A-Minor

By Janis Thomas

Genre: Murder Mystery


Former detective Samantha Wedlock is having a bad year. After botching a huge case with the New York PD, Sam flees to her childhood home of Southern California and escapes her demons with the Internet and booze. Her career is over, her instincts have taken a vay-cay, and her music—the songs she composes in her head to help her solve puzzles and the challenges of her life—has abandoned her. When her old flame, sexy Lieutenant Jack Hudson, shows up on her doorstep to ask for her help with the case of two murdered college coeds, Sam refuses. But she can’t resist Jack, and she can’t resist the hunt, and soon becomes enmeshed in the investigation. The more involved she becomes, the more she sees the case as a means of rediscovering the things she’s lost: her purpose, her drive, and her hope for the future. With her music playing at full volume, Sam must re-sharpen her wits and learn to trust her instincts again in order to catch a cunning killer.


Sam is a self-destructive, down on her luck cop. Until Jack shows up at her door with a serial murder case. With someone stalking her and someone killing women, Sam must come out of her shell and back to the real world. 

I adore Sam! She is funny, sarcastic and down right rude at times. I love how she handles herself and Jack! 
This is part romance, part suspense and mostly chick-lit. I laughed in places till I nearly fell off the couch. Other places, I was holding on for dear life! 

I love the mystery, the thrills and the wit in this tale. I love how the author keeps the killer a secret till the end. I had my suspicions, but never really figured it out. 

I hope there is another book with these same characters soon! This is a very entertaining read all the way to the end.  Hold on for a very interesting ride! 

Author Bio

Janis Thomas is the author of Murder in A-Minor, the first book in her Musical Murder Mystery series (available May 2016), as well as three humorous women’s fiction novels, Something New, Sweet Nothings, and Say Never, which was chosen by Chick Lit Central as one of the best books of the year. Janis has written over fifty songs, and two children’s books which she wrote with her dad. When she isn’t writing or fulfilling her PTA duties, Janis likes to play tennis, sing with her sister, and throw wild dinner parties with outrageous menus for friends and loved ones. Janis lives in Southern California with her husband, their two beautiful children and two crazy dogs.

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