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The Memoirs of ‘I’ by Yolanda De Iuliis

Release Date: 29th April 2016

Genre: Memoir/Non-Fiction


Thank you for inviting me to blog and tell you all about my book 🙂


“We must conquer our own mind before delving into other minds”


Tuesday 9th December 2014

The start of something that I did not realise would be a one year project and journey. 

During this time in 2014 I was going through some personal struggles, troubles and upheavals. My mind set was not the strongest or the most focused it could have been and has been in the past. Working real hard in a job which never fulfilled me, trying my very best at university with what seemed to be no hope in passing and barely paying my bills for a place I did not own. It was a lonely time full of change and I was disappointed with the way my life was going, it seemed out of control and I could not bare this feeling anymore. I wanted and needed things to change therefore I started to think of the change and wrote it down. I began to write every day with whatever I was feeling, to talk to someone and to have a friend always in my mind. Something strange started to happen whilst writing, I began to self reflect in every matter of life and my surroundings. I learned quickly that these surroundings made me who I am and pushed these thoughts into my soul. I didn’t want to be inspired, I wanted to be the one to inspire others therefore I started to teach myself on how I could teach others by helping them through their struggles.   

The first job was to help myself therefore in The Memoirs of ‘I’ (part 1- the first 6 months) is important for the reader to understand my struggles, thoughts, ideas and crazy mind. The reader is my therapist plus my best friend and with this help brings me to write (part 2 – the last 6 months) which in turn helps the reader through their own struggles. I give advice and reflect on matters differently and ask them questions. I propose them to think about their own world in a way that they may never have wondered before. 

I speak of matters which are sometimes ignored by the masses in regards to religion, politics, slavery, life, existence, aliens, spirits, gods, travels, poverty and every other wonder you could imagine! The purpose – To open ones mind and bring out the child within them and the sensible adult which is all in us but we push away because of different circumstances. 

Writing every day was a struggle, not because I had nothing to speak about… but due to the fact that I was thinking and analysing what most of us hide behind. I needed to push through and do it though as I would never learn about myself and which path I wanted to head down. I don’t preach to know all the answers, but I question all to try to find some answers. I have given the reader some blank pages to write down their own thoughts, feelings and ideas which may have occurred whilst reading my mind.   

The Memoirs of ‘I’ has been one experiment in which I will never forget and I will try to remember my own advices to bring a better smile to my world and yours. 

“To sought out solace within yourself is the most difficult challenge and is quickly ignored by many, it can only be achieved when you find truth within oneself”

“Stop following the con artists, instead become the greatest and brightest artist ever to exist and let others follow your light instead”


About the author

Yolanda De Iuliis was born in North Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1985. She grew up with an Italian/Irish background which soon led to an awareness of identity confusion within herself. From the age of 20 she left the countryside to explore not only city life but to encounter the other side of the world and for over ten years has been travelling to every continent to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. After ten years of writing and collecting her autobiographical poetry she published Underneath my Soul (2015) which shows her growing from adolescence to adulthood using only poetry as a means of telling her story.

De Iuliis resides in her home town of Irvine, Ayrshire, for the time being and her current academic venture is Classical Studies combined with Modern Greek. French and Greek philosophies have also been studied and observed to motivate her mind in producing different thoughts and ideas. Her passion to write and provide an insight for others is not only her mission but her reason to exist. 



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    This looks quite intriguing. Thanks for the chance.
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    Really enjoying this book amazing read

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