The Old World – By the Hands of Men Book #1 by Roy M. Griffis


Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald has managed to retain his sanity, his humanity, and his honor during the hell of WWI’s trench warfare. Charlotte Braninov fled the shifting storm of the impending Russian Revolution for the less-threatening world of field camp medicine, serving as a nurse in the most hopeless of fronts. Their friendship creates a sanctuary both could cling to in the most desperate of times. Historical fiction about life, loss, and love, By the Hands of Men explores the power that lies within each of us to harm – or to heal – all those we touch. 


Charlotte is a nurse in WWI. She experiences all the tragedy and the horrors of war. And then her “knight”, as she likes to refer to him, helps her through a horrible experience.  Their love grows….until….

I love the time period of this story. I have not read many novels set in WWI so, this was a real treat. I enjoyed reading  about the hospital and the aid station. The struggles of the men and the women to overcome all obstacles to save a life are really amazing to read and the author did a fabulous job expressing this. 

Anna is a strong woman character and I love those. She is hard working, even though she is a Russian aristocrat. She and Robert have a remarkable connection right from the start. Then something…and I will not reveal a spoiler… happens and leaves them estranged.  I cannot wait to read the second book in this series. I must know how everything turns out. 

There are a few places in the story where I wanted to know more. There should have been more. Then there are places the author expounds and it is not relevant to the story. However, the ending is perfect. A great lead in to the next in the series. 

I received this novel from the author for a honest review. 

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