November Audiobooks #audible #audiblebooks

Well this is a diverse bunch of audiobooks this month. My favorites are Better Homes and Hauntings and With Love From the Inside.

Better Homes and Hauntings is so freaking cute. And it is an extremely smart read. Lots of book references and sarcastic comments. I have read other Molly Harper books and loved everyone.

With Love From the Inside is a tragic and sweet read all in one. Careful…it might make you shed a tear or two!

The Son is another good one. Jo Nesbø really knows how to weave a tale. He always has strong characters which are flawed but you want them to win anyway.

The Devil’s Novice is not one that I enjoyed very much. I did finish it but I did not like the narrator much. And that does make a difference.

Audible has also started something new in the last few months, Audible Originals. With your membership you are allowed to choose two of the selections. I have chosen two every month but, have never really listened to one. I did this month. I listened to Hi Bob! by Bob Newhart. I loved it! Very well done! Lots of different stars are involved and just plain adorable!

The Son

The Devil’s Novice

Better Homes and Hauntings

With Love from the Inside

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3 Responses to November Audiobooks #audible #audiblebooks

  1. Love audios.

    I don’t think I could listen to a Jo Nesbo book, though. How scary is this one? 🙂

    Nice post…thanks for sharing.

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