Child of Privilege by Ross Ponderson – Book Spotlight


For Dana Van Werner, anywhere was better than the home she was leaving behind

Riding a bus bound for nowhere, she possessed several hundred dollars, her wits, hope, and an unbreakable will. She also reluctantly carried the nightmares of beatings, fear, verbal abuse, and her father’s unfathomable hatred.

This lovable 19-year-old debutante was totally unprepared for what lurked beyond the next bend in the road: the “real world” of buses, sexual predators, jail cells, exploitation, and fleabag motels.

Still, it was better than the home she was leaving behind.

Then there were the detectives; nameless mercenaries hungry for the bounty that her father—a wealthy, diabolical lawyer–had placed on her head. One thug in particular had no reservations about mixing pleasure with business.

Before finding refuge—and love with a kindhearted deputy sheriff—in a remote rural town, Dana would endure a physical attack, robbery, a one-night stand as a stripper in a seedy bar, arrest and incarceration in the county jail, and an excruciating flashback of her abused childhood

However, a jarring twist of fate was waiting to bring her back to the mansion that was her gilded prison … and directly into a violent and climactic showdown with her abusive father. Dana’s suppressed rage—stoked by humiliation, fear, and pain—would finally erupt, tearing open a lifetime of old scars

This is an adult novel that pulls no punches. It is written in a bold, straightforward style, depicting a silent epidemic spreading behind millions of closed doors.

However, it more importantly showcases a woman’s determination, bravery, and strength in the face of an emotionally devastating situation.

Get to know Dana Van Werner, a remarkable young woman who fought back.

About the Author

Ross Ponderson is a retired IT guy from the USA.  After a career of writing programming gobbledygook, he now pens actual words in the hope that millions of people will enjoy reading them.  The stories he loves to write are those chronicling ordinary people meeting extraordinary challenges with extraordinary courage, strength, and determination.  He’s a firm believer in happy endings, both in life and in his novels.

He has enjoyed writing since his grammar school days when essay assignments delighted him while provoking groans of pain from his classmates.

His pleasure centers include writing (of course), reading, railroading, Subway sandwiches, history, surfing (the web, not the waves!), documentaries, museums of any kind, 1970s music, wishing he had become a professional musician (much to the dismay of his weary keyboard), searching for new story ideas, and strolling through the local malls.  He ALWAYS brakes for McDonald’s Iced Coffee, book emporiums, and music stores.

“Child of Privilege” is his debut novel; his second novel is currently being first-drafted.  Hopefully, many more will follow.




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I am an avid reader and paper crafter. I am a mom of 2 children, 5 dogs and 1 cat. I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals Fan
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  1. Should make a good movie–NOT Hallmark!

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