Welcome to the Madhouse Sparks by Dan Cummings-GUEST POST 


Hello bloggers, boggers and loggers, Reeca has been pretty damn awesome by allowing me to shamelessly pimp my novel Sparks: Welcome to the Madhouse, which I wholeheartedly intend to do. 

So, what are Sparks you might ask, or, all warm welcomes aside, how bad must somebody’s self-esteem be to wander into a place titled the Madhouse? Seems like that person might go to extraordinary lengths for friendship, but who am I to judge? Well, Sparks are the first and last line of defence against all manner of evil monsters who suck, not just with suction-ey suckers, but creatures who just don’t want people to have anything nice. Assholes. Chief amongst these are the Alliance of Nyx, a global order of demon-juiced fanatics who are way too excited about ushering in the return of their dark, world conquering lord, Krakos. Big K has a bone to pick with this world since his grubby hands were swatted away from the buffet by the war-torn Luminaries, galactic do-gooders who are big on life but now, ironically, extremely short on numbers. But long ago, way more than a month, a big magical custerfluk accidentally resulted in Luminary energy being distributed throughout humanity’s genepool, so now the fate of the world rests on the weary shoulders of all the Sparks and their governmental sponsors FUBAR.

I realise that I have basically just dumbed down but lightened up the blurb, so let me tell you who I wrote this book for, and when I say book, it’s really a jumping off point since it is planned as a series of large scope. Like many cool misfits I spent far too much of my childhood, teens and adulthood preferring the friendships, dramas and of course, worlds, of Buffy, Angel and comic books, so Sparks is my love letter to such fare. In addition, I have been a Deadpool junkie since Joe Kelly began writing him back in the 90’s, adoring the character’s polarising nature, but also his irreverent humour and pathos which culminates in acts of great heroism but also questionable buffoonery. I wanted my chief protagonist to possess a similar moral ambiguity (the guy on the cover with the thrifty duds), a hero who must be kept in check and often guided by his team of fellow bad-ass but damaged Sparks. They are more than supernaturally gifted government agents, they are a dysfunctional family, flawed but brave and ultimately human, despite their powers. It’s these qualities which I attribute to my fondness of great pop culture works by countless awesome Marvel Comics writers and Joss Whedon. So if any like-minded readers enjoy action, witty banter, a pretty sweet and eclectic soundtrack, and the grand old ultimate battle between good and evil being fought by a band of roguish heroes who can’t help but make a scene or inappropriate joke, check out Sparks: Welcome to the Madhouse.

*Heads up, the Kindle edition is way cheaper and I don’t earn royalties, so please go for that. I want to spread Sparks, not rake money.

Well, that’s it, I’ve said my piece. Much thanks to any who stuck with my ramblings, to Reeca for this opportunity and also to Sage of Sage’s Blog Tours for putting this tour together.

Take care peeps,

Dan Cummings      


  Sparks: Welcome to the Madhouse

By Dan Cummings

Genre: Supernatural/Action & Adventure

Dave Reynolds has grown jaded with his life, locked in a dead end janitorial job at the Ravenswood Institute for Mental Health, he quietly yearns for some excitement to stir up his mundane existence.  

That is until he learns that far below the hospital’s grounds lies the Madhouse, the regional headquarters of the Frontline Unified Battalion of Arcane Resistance (FUBAR), a clandestine government agency tasked with combating supernatural evil. If that wasn’t enough of a surprise, he also learns that he is a Spark, an individual with latent gifts, carrying the residual energy of a nigh extinct race of universal protectors.  

Drafted into service, he is accidentally afflicted with a curse, casting the sensible, rational aspects of his personality into a subconscious prison, unleashing a clownish psychotic who is as deadly as he is irritating.  

A wild card personified, Dave must now lead Whiskey Team, a motley crew of fellow Sparks and freaks including a punk rock witch, a werewolf, a medium and his ghostly best friend, and a female Japanese ninja, against the Alliance of Nyx, an ancient demonic organisation with designs on global conquest.  

Now, if Dave’s reckless antics don’t get his team killed, they may just stand a chance in this war.


About the Author


Dan Cummings is a self-published author from Liverpool, England. He is also a lowly nerd with a short attention span and shorter fuse (depending on poor sleep), but when he is able to stop ranting with his own internal monologue and focus for a few minutes he enjoys putting the noise in his head on to paper. A lifetime fan of monsters, comic books, sarcasm and casual violence, it is inevitable that these constituents regularly crop up in his books. Heartbreaker is his first foray into horror, whilst Sparks: Welcome to the Madhouse, is the first instalment of an on-going supernatural, action/adventure series.


On Twitter: https://twitter.com/dancummings85

Purchase Links:

Amazon http://amzn.to/2pfkTLS


Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2oFYUL2


Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33299556-sparks

About fredreeca

I am an avid reader and paper crafter. I am a mom of 2 children, 5 dogs and 1 cat. I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals Fan
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2 Responses to Welcome to the Madhouse Sparks by Dan Cummings-GUEST POST 

  1. Dan Cummings says:

    Thanks for the sweet guest post, Reeca. I’m sure it makes some form of sense.
    Dan Cummings

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