Write to Influence by Carla D. Bass – BOOK SPOTLIGHT 

Early Praise for Write to Influence!Rated 5 of 5 Stars – “This book is fantastic! It is spot-on for persuasive writing. This should be the textbook for a class required of all incoming college freshman, and a high school class, a class for all military officers, and a refresher at most companies …I don’t know of anyone who would not benefit from this book!” —Net Galley Consumer Reviewer

“Write to Influence! is a gem — much more than the typical “how-to” book on writing. It’s more specific in its approach, teaching writing skills to purposefully craft words to present a powerful message intended to influence readers … This book is specialized and important — translating to a host of business and professional pursuits.

Write to Influence! is a powerful tool for individuals wanting to get ahead, as well. Why? Selections for jobs, scholarships, fellowships, and more are often made based on the strength of the written application or resume. This book teaches writing skills to put forth the strongest possible case needed to edge out the competition.

Anyone interested in not just adequate but powerful, super-charged writing will appreciate this clear discussion of how to produce effective, attention-grabbing pieces in all kinds of business and real-world scenarios where standout writing means the difference between success and failure.

Write to Influence is unique in its genre. In short, it is a winner!” —D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Write to Influence! is an essential guide for anyone seeking to improve their writing skills and inform or influence others with the written word. I write every day, and I constantly seek ways to improve my writing skills. Write to Influence will be on my desk to help me on that journey.” —Mark Amtower, Managing Partner, Amtower & Company

“Write to Influence! will rejuvenate the lost art of clear, concise, professional writing. Moreover, corporate CEOs will rejoice at no longer being encumbered by reports difficult to read and frustrating to unravel!” —Judith A. Sprieser, Non-Executive Director Allstate Corporation, InterContinental Exchange Inc., and Reckitt Benckiser plc.

“Carla brilliantly captured in one entertaining, easily read document nuances of writing that infuse products with clarity, focus, and direction. If effective writing is your goal, put this book in your tool kit!”

—Dr. Lani Kass, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategic Advisor, CACI

“Write to Influence! should be in every professional’s library. I heartily recommend Write to Influence! As a lawyer for whom effective communication is essential, clear, convincing writing is key to making a compelling, successful argument. This book sets out a road-map for achieving that goal. Beyond being informative and very useful, it’s fun to read! ” —Baba Zipkin, Former Senior Counsel, IBM

“Write to Influence! will be my go-to-guide for many years to come. Read this book if you want to improve your communication skills. It is now a must-read reference for all of my employees.” —Rick Mix, President & CEO, Cleared Solutions Inc.

“Where has this book been? Write to Influence! has it all—brilliant tools to teach writing fundamentals and strategies to compose products with that competitive edge.” —Robert J. Butler, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Cyber Strategies, LLC

Genesis for this book: As a lieutenant colonel, Carla commanded 480 troops, many of whom were being passed over for awards and other recognition critical for successful careers. Why? Their bosses couldn’t write winning nomination packages! To resolve this, she developed writing techniques, composed a small handbook, and taught her unit to write. They catapulted from the most losing in the state to the one to beat! So successful was this handbook and her class, she taught thousands of people for the next 15 years.


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  1. macjam47 says:

    This book has some impressive accolades.

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