The Two Mrs. Carlyles by Suzanne Rindell @putnambooks @suzannerindell #historicalfiction #review #5stars


Which wife holds the darker secret?

San Francisco, 1906. Violet is one of three people grateful for the destruction of the big earthquake. It leaves her and her two best friends unexpectedly wealthy–if the secret that binds them together stays buried beneath the rubble. Fearing discovery, the women strike out on their own, and orphaned, wallflower Violet reinvents herself.

When a whirlwind romance with the city’s most eligible widower, Harry Carlyle, lands her in a luxurious mansion as the second Mrs. Carlyle, it seems like her dreams of happiness and love have come true. But all is not right in the Carlyle home, and Violet soon finds herself trapped by the lingering specter of the first Mrs. Carlyle, and by the inescapable secrets of her own violent history.


Violet, Cora and Flossie escape the orphanage fire in the nick of time. They run away and try to create a life of their own. It is not as easy as it seems. They end up in a brothel. But, as the years go along, they realize they are trapped in this life. Then the earthquake happens and all three girls are rich due to unforeseen circumstances.

Violet ends up as a shop girl and she finds the man of her dreams, Harry Carlyle. But, he starts to fall mysteriously ill. Then, many strange things start to happen. Violet actually worries that the first Mrs. Carlyle is haunting her.

This is a wicked tale. I enjoyed every minute of it. I was captivated by the weird happenings in the house and then when he fell ill….oh boy!

I did figure out part of the story. But there is a little twist in the end. This is a super good read with awesome characters and a wonderful setting!

I actually feel this is 4.5 stars…you round up right?!?! Grab your copy today! You will be glad you did!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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3 Responses to The Two Mrs. Carlyles by Suzanne Rindell @putnambooks @suzannerindell #historicalfiction #review #5stars

  1. Ooooo…I loved her book THE OTHER TYPIST.

    This sounds REALLY good.

    Thanks for sharing….great review.

    LOVE that photo too.

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