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In the summer of 1969, men walked on the moon; Holly Lee Carter returned home in a wheelchair to save her family legacy from the Klan; and my best friend fell passionately, dangerously in love. Little did we know that first July morning when she hurtled into our staid, small town lives and gridiron dreams that nothing in who we were or what we were to become would be the same after her. And that Cattahatchie County – the last segregated one of its kind, even in Mississippi – would be transformed by fire and blood and snake venom, hard truth and desperate need, and by all other things that the river holds. – Nathan Wallace, narrator.

“Park’s gripping debut novel, an unconventional love story, unfolds in KKK-controlled Cattahatchie County, Mississippi, during a violent 1969 civil rights struggle. … the author’s ability to turn a phrase, capturing, in a few words time, place and atmosphere, is a joy. Solid character portrayals, personal melodrama, a murder mystery, and unrestrained violence propel this page-turner to its explosive conclusion. … an addictive read with some final surprises.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Louis Hillary Park is one of those rare authors who spins an intelligent story driven by complex, believable characters with heartbeats a reader can hear.” – New York Times bestselling author John Ramsey Miller, author of THE LAST DAY.


Holly Lee returns to Mississippi to keep her family newspaper business from collapsing.  She is hit with problems on every turn.  Little does she know, it is just going to get worse.

Oh my! Holly Lee is a character I truly admire.  She is unstoppable!  She is intelligent, determined and tough.  Holly Lee is also not going to stand for injustice.  This is a tumultuous time and she does not back down, despite violence and threats.

This is actually a rewrite of Wolf’s Run. Let me just say…I loved both. I did enjoy Wolf’s Run better, most likely because I read it first. It is also a more concise version and a little less wordy.  That being said…they are both so well written.  This is a tale set in Mississippi during a stormy and violent time and Mr. Park does not hold back! You get so caught up in the action and the story, there is no way to stop!



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