Confessions of a Comedian by Kip Addotta



From his first interactions with “The Mob” in his early childhood, his nightmarish life with his father until he was on his own at 15 years of age, through his marriages, and how he became one of the best and most famous stand-up comedians of his time, Kip Addotta tells all. He names names and details the how-to and fine-tuning of comedy.


Like most people in the world, Kip has had a rough growing up.  His mother left him. His dad was an abuser. Then, there was his saving grace, his grandmother. Did I mention his grandmother was in the mob! Well, she was! And so was his uncle Victor. All of this made for a unique childhood.

Stand up comedy is a lot harder than it looks.  Kip had to work extremely hard to “make it”. From writing your own material to timing the jokes just right, takes lots of talent and practice.  This took a major toll on his family.  Kip is very honest about this and his other mistakes. Very refreshing, no sugar-coating in this book!

I enjoy biographies and this one is super.  Is it the best one written?  NO.  It is choppy in places and the ending is rushed. But I loved it.  With the mob, Elvis, Tina Turner (just to name a few)  how could you not love it!



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4 Responses to Confessions of a Comedian by Kip Addotta

  1. This definitely does sound fascinating, Reeca! A grandma in the mob? Wonderful review!

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    I am not a fan of biographies, but this sounds interesting.

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