Always Mickie by Melanie Munton – Cover Reveal

Always Mickie (Cruz Brothers #3)By Melanie Munton

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Mickie is his. Always had been his.

And he’s going to remind her why she always will be his.
All her life, Mickie had always been the well-behaved, level-headed girl. But when she got to college, she was ready to strip herself of that image once and for all. She wanted excitement. She wanted spontaneity. She wanted to feel like she was actually living. 
And getting down and dirty with the sexy guy she met at a concert seemed like the perfect solution. Sure, he didn’t know how to laugh, or even smile, but he definitely made her feel alive. 
The whirlwind sex spree with him surprised her.

Falling in love with the guy surprised her even more.
Dawson is losing her. 
Mickie kicked him out of their house. She won’t talk to him. He knows marriage is never supposed to be easy, but being a dedicated cop for ten years has made everything that much harder. He doesn’t know how to fix their issues and make everything right. 
But he isn’t about to let her go.
She says she wants the excitement back. She wants the spontaneity that first drew them together. She wants to experience the adventure of falling in love all over again.
Her wish is his command.
He’s going to remind her what it feels like to be loved, to be wanted, to be craved. If he has to, he’ll push everything else aside and start from scratch with her. He will never give up.
Because for him, it was Always Mickie.


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