Dreamslippers series Box Set by Lisa Brunette plus Author Interview


Dreamslippers Series Boxed Set

By Lisa Brunette

Genre: Mystery, Female Sleuths, Romantic Suspense

“This might possibly be a ‘great book.’” – Sharon E. Leighton, a reader in Canada, on CAT IN THE FLOCK
“Lisa Brunette’s FRAMED AND BURNING is a brilliant, suspenseful whodunit…” – Anthony Award-winning writer of the Inspector Chen series, Qui Xiaolong
“The plot runs deep, and the characters are both quirky and interesting. This is a total whodunit mystery that will keep you on edge until the very end!” – Sage Adderley, on BOUND TO THE TRUTH
What if you could ‘slip’ into the dreams of a killer? This family of PIs can. They use their psychic dream ability to solve crimes, and that isn’t easy. 
In Cat in the Flock…

Following a mother and girl on the run, apprentice dreamslipper Cat McCormick goes undercover inside a fundamentalist church. Is its enigmatic leader guilty of domestic violence? Did his right-hand man really commit suicide?
In Framed and Burning…

It was supposed to be a much-needed vacation in Miami, meant to snap Cat out of a persistent depression. But when her great uncle’s studio goes up in flames, killing his assistant, Cat must find out who’s really to blame.
In Bound to the Truth…

The dreamslippers don’t quite trust their client. Did Nina Howell really fall under the spell of a domineering, conservative talk show host—as her wife claims?
PLUS explore Amazing Grace’s back story in the bonus story found ONLY in this boxed set!
For readers who enjoy strong female leads, quirky, well-developed characters, and a dash of dating drama with their mystery. Fans of J.A. Jance, Mary Daheim, and Jayne Ann Krentz will love Cat and “Amazing” Grace!


About the Author

Lisa was born in Santa Rosa, California, but that was only home for a year. A so-called “military brat,” she lived in nine different houses and attended nine different schools by the time she was 14. Through all of the moves, her one constant was books. She read everything, from the entire Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mystery series to her mother’s books by Daphne du Maurier and Taylor Caldwell. 


A widely published author, game writer, and journalist, Lisa has interviewed homeless women, the designer of the Batmobile, and a sex expert, to name just a few colorful characters. This experience, not to mention her own large, quirky family, led her to create some truly memorable characters in her Dreamslippers Series and other works, whether books or games.


Always a vivid dreamer, not to mention a wannabe psychic, Lisa feels perfectly at home slipping into suspects’ dreams, at least in her imagination. Her husband isn’t so sure she can’t pick up his dreams in real life, though.


With a hefty list of awards and publications to her name, Lisa now lives in a small town in Washington State, but who knows how long that will last…


Follow Lisa online:

Twitter: @lisa_brunette

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LisaBrunettePage1


On Amzon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N7EKJB8


1. What inspired you to write this type of novel?

The idea for the series came from three sources:

1) I read a lot of supernatural and psychic mysteries and interviewed four of Seattle’s top writers in the genre for Seattle Woman magazine. I was also a huge fan of the TV series Medium; I loved how psychic visions came to the protagonist in her dreams. I’ve always been an active dreamer and for many years suffered from PTSD-related nightmares, so dreams have held great significance for me.

2) For five years I worked with game developers to design story-driven mystery games for an audience of women 40+. Since most of the developers were young men in their twenties, they often struggled to understand the audience, sometimes resorting to stereotypes that either pandered to older women or missed the mark entirely. That experience drove me to create a kick-ass grandmother/granddaughter duo based on the real women in my life.

3) One of those real women was my husband’s mother, who passed away within the first year that he and I began dating. She was a woman after my own heart, trailblazing and spiritually openminded. She inspired the 77-year-old character Amazing Grace in the Dreamslippers Series. I created the character in part to keep the real Grace with me longer. 

2. Without thinking hard….off the cuff….what is your favorite book? Quickly now…if you think you will change it. I want the first thing that pops in your head!

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. It’s one of those rare classics you can reread at different points of your life and get a completely new experience, each reading equally profound. 

3. Which author, dead or alive, would you want to meet and have a conversation with and why? 

I’d love to meet Tana French, whose Dublin Murder Squad series breathes new life into the detective murder mystery. French’s writing is wickedly ingenious. Her novel Faithful Place was the best book I read last year, better than Girl on a Train, which is far more popular. 

4. Catherine Mckenzie must have her tunes, Dan Brown needs his gravity boots. Is there anything special you need to write? 

Just quiet, and lots of it. That means the absence of notifications as well. I make use of my laptop’s “Wi-Fi Off” setting and hate when I have to turn it back on to research something online, which results in an onslaught of distracting flags, dings, and pop-ups designed to call me away from my work.

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I am an avid reader and paper crafter. I am a mom of 2 children, 5 dogs and 1 cat. I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals Fan
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4 Responses to Dreamslippers series Box Set by Lisa Brunette plus Author Interview

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to interview with you. By the way, St. Louis is my hometown, and the first book in the series is mostly set there. Also wanted to say that when I was in grad school, I wrote short pieces, and my fellow students called them “Lisa’s pieces.” 😉

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