In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree by Michael McLellan – COVER REVEAL plus #giveaway 

In the Shadow of the Hanging TreeBy Michael McLellan

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release Date: January 2017


Henry was born into slavery; his young life spent working in tobacco drying sheds on Missouri plantations. Freed at the onset of the Civil War, he’s alone, starving, and on the run from Confederate militiamen.


Five years later, Clara Hanfield, the daughter of a powerful New York shipping magnate, escapes her tyrannical father and travels west in pursuit of John Elliot, the man she loves. John, a U.S. Army lieutenant, was sent to the Dakota Territory where he discovers a government conspiracy to incite an all-out war with the Indians; a war meant to finally eliminate them as an obstacle to the westward expansion.


Henry finds himself caught in the middle.


Aided by Clara, John, and his native ally, Standing Elk, Henry must battle hatred, greed, and the ghosts of his past during this turbulent and troubling time in American history.


About the Author


Michael’s love of books began with Beverly Cleary’s The Mouse and the Motorcycle when he was seven-years-old. Later influenced by the works of John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, Stephen King, and Cormac McCarthy, Michael developed his style of storytelling. A self-proclaimed blue-collar writer, he draws on his experiences and observations to bring relevant and compelling topics to life.
Michael lives in Northern California, and when he’s not writing, he can usually be found wandering around the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges.


His body of work includes the 2014 novel After and Again, the 2015 novel American Flowers, and the shorts Joe Price and Anywhere But Here. Michael’s newest novel, Shadow of the Hanging Tree, is expected to be published in January 2017 by Sweet Candy Press.


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Publisher: Sweet Candy Press


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  1. debby236 says:

    Hmm hard tosay but I really liked Steven Manchester’s book Ashes

  2. Thank you so much for taking your time out to host this cover reveal. I sincerely appreciate it.

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