COVER REVEAL! Breach of Consciousness by Peter Castillo 


Breach Of Consciousness

By Peter Castillo

Genre: Thriller, Horror


Edited by Michael Garrett, Stephen King’s first editor.

From the mind of new horror author Pete Castillo, comes a story about an age-old paranormal phenomenon.

Marco Torres was a boy when his parents noticed something unusual about him. The scare wasn’t long, but little did they know, it was just the beginning.

Eventually, Marco becomes aware of his abnormality, so he searches for answers. Around the same time, ghostly psychic visions of a crazed homeless man appear to him. When the visions and the defect subside, Marco thinks he’s in the clear until he’s almost killed by the same crazed man.

As Marco gets older, his affliction intensifies. He tries to become a writer, and does a quick stint in the Navy. Eventually, he flips when his path crosses with a mystery couple who have the same abnormality as him.

After the couple gain Marco’s trust the hard way, the new friends go on several adventures including a murder investigation. Will Marco learn to harness his ability without getting himself killed in the process?


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  1. Thanks for hosting my cover reveal for Breach Of Consciousness. Also cool spin on your blog name.

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