Grace Revealed: a memoir by Greg Archer 


Seventy-five years after Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror across Eastern Europe, entertainment journalist Greg Archer takes a step back from Hollywood and examines his Polish family’s mind-bending odyssey of the 1940s. In the process, he exposes one of the most under-reported events of the 20th Century: Stalin’s mass deportation of nearly two million Polish citizens to the Siberian gulags and the life-shattering events that followed.

But the author’s quest takes a dramatic turn. As he walks an emotional tightrope between the past and the present, can a serendipitous global adventure become a saving grace, heal the ancestral soul and bring justice to his family and their forgotten Polish comrades?


I have said this before and I will say it again…the period around WWII is when the world went nuts!!  I have not read a book about the mass deportation of the Poles.  I have only read bits and pieces about this atrocity in a few novels. I cannot fathom the cruelty experienced by the many people of all ethnicity during this time period.

This book is packed with history.  Traumatic as it is, everyone needs to read and remember this horror.  I learned a lot in this recollection. I never knew what a role the Middle East and India played in the saving of the Poles.  

The narrator is a little whiney and tends to get on my nerves but, this is a minor irritation. This is a very well written memoir and it will not leave my thoughts for a long time. It has definitely made an impression. 

“History has proven that there are people who revel in their attempt to crush the human spirit, but inevitably you cannot exterminate that which you cannot see.  Try as one might, there is no way to extract what resides in the human heart-love, honor, devotion.  All of that is present in Kraków.” 

I received this book from the author for an honest review. 

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