Halloween Bookmark



I do not create much for Halloween. So this year I just made a book mark. I used paper left over from years past. The “boo” and the “happy haunting” stamp were found in a Michaels clearance bin several years ago.

I embossed the images with black embossing powder and colored. The markers I used are GellyRoll. Yes, they are fluorescent! The picture does not do them justice. Love them!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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The Gospel According to Josh: A 28-Year Gentile Bar Mitzvah by Josh Rivedal



By the time Josh Rivedal turned twenty-five, he thought he’d have the perfect life-a few years singing on Broadway, followed by a starring role in his own television show. After which, his getaway home in the Hamptons would be featured in Better Homes & Gardens, and his face would grace the cover of the National Enquirer as Bigfoot’s not-so-secret lover. Instead, his resume is filled with an assortment of minor league theatre and an appearance on The Maury Povich Show-a career sidetracked by his father’s suicide, a lawsuit from his mother over his inheritance, and a break-up with his long-term girlfriend.
Tortured by his thoughts, he finds himself on the ledge of a fourth floor window, contemplating jumping out to inherit his familial legacy. In turn he must reach out to the only person who can help him before it’s too late.

Based in part on his acclaimed one-man show, The Gospel According to Josh is a comedic and poignant true-to-life tale of love, loss, struggle, and survival-a gospel account of one young man’s passage into manhood-his twenty-eight-year Gentile bar mitzvah.


Josh has taken his challenges in life and turned them into something with meaning and purpose.

He approaches his trials and tribulations with humor and understanding. It has taken him a while to reach this stage in his life. He has had his struggles and has come out on top. Through hard work and understanding, Josh now extends a helping hand to others.

I admire this young man’s strength, creativity and talent. We have not heard the last from Josh Rivedal.


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Nora Bonesteel’s Christmas Past: A Ballad Novella by Sharyn McCrumb



When someone buys the old Honeycutt house, Nora Bonesteel is glad to see some life brought back to the old mansion, even if it is by summer people. But when they decide to stay through Christmas, they find more than old memories in the walls.

On Christmas Eve, Sheriff Spencer Arrowwood and Deputy Joe LeDonne find themselves on an unwelcome call to arrest an elderly man for a minor offense. As they attempt to do their duty, while doing the right thing for a neighbor, it begins to look like they may all spend Christmas away from home.

In a story of spirits, memories, and angels unaware, Sharyn McCrumb revisits her most loved characters who know there is more to this world than the eye can see, especially at Christmastime.


This is a sweet, adorable read with a wonderful Christmas message. The setting and the characters are so real and true to life.

I have always loved the character Nora Bonesteel. She is a tough lady with the “sight”. This “sight” leads her through many experiences and challenges. And this Nora Bonesteel novella is no different, just too short.

Sharyn McCrumb always has a little bit of humor, history, and mystery in her stories. I always feel right at home with her books. The country setting and the country people are all part of my world. Sharyn McCrumb does an excellent job depicting all the odd characters with strange notions and superstitions.

A fine read indeed!!


I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review

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What I did @ 15


I have said this before…I have a love/hate relationship with white ink. Working with white ink is alway iffy. This worked really well. I used Memento white ink pad to stamp the letters. I used a uniball white ink pen. Sometimes, a white ink pen skips and is just irritating. This one is excellent. (Now to find another pen like this one).

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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The French Executioner by C. C. Humphreys



The last thing Jean Rombaud expects upon being summoned to behead Anne Boleyn is to dedicate his life to her. But the ill-fated queen has a mysterious request for her executioner: that after taking her life he also take her infamous six-fingered hand and bury it at a sacred crossroads in France. His oath will set Jean on the most dangerous journey of his life.

In The French Executioner, C.C. Humphreys once again brings the past to life in all its glory and peril. This thrilling novel captures the breathtaking story of how courage, love, and loyalty bound Anne Boleyn to the man who ended her life—and saved her legacy.


I have read many novels about Anne Bolelyn and this time period. I have never read one from the executioner’s point of view. Jean Rombaud, Anne Bolelyn’s executioner, is a fascinating character with a fantastic history.

This winding tale sends you through so many experiences….to dungeons and galley ships, to ambushes, sea battles and torture. It was a little heavy on the battle scenes. I tend to read quickly through those parts. I just want to see who wins and not how the battle is won.

The dark magic that runs through the story keeps the reader locked in and wondering which character will be in trouble next. The menagerie of characters are truly wonderful and astonishing.

A little wordy in places but a very wild ride indeed!!

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review

Guest Post

Who would I play on the big screen ‘The French Executioner’?

Ah, the most tormenting question! And the answer to which has changed over the life of the book. I wrote it thirteen years ago so I was younger, more lithe – had knees! You need knees if you are going to leap around with bladed weaponry. And of course I always foresaw myself as one of the sword wielders, since I was – and sometimes still am – a swordsman.
​I never saw myself as Jean Rombaud, the executioner himself. Too dark, too brooding, too… French! Besides – and I suppose this applies to all the main characters – you need stars for the big roles. Originally I wanted perhaps Mel Gibson – now so fallen from grace but a powerful actor. Later – and this is still possible – Javier Bardem.
​So leave Jean aside and assume I am a ‘name’… I am half Norwegian but don’t think I am large enough for Haakon. He must be vast. Januc always appealed – the Croatian former Janissary, superb wielder of scimitars, wit. Alas, he should be about 25!
​I would love to play Giancarlo Cibo, the Archbishop of Siena. The main villain, the role is an actor’s treat: relishing evil, totally debauched, dying of consumption, he seduces, kills, conducts a Black Mass – marvelous stuff!
​However I am probably not great casting. Needs an Italian style actor. Pacino, channeling his inner Richard the Third.
​No, in the end I would happily settle for a very showy cameo. The one agreed when the novel was originally optioned for screen ten years ago.
I would play the slave ship’s master, Captain de la Vallerie. He hates slaves, especially their stench, is always clutching a ball of fragrant herbs to his nose… which is so Gallically-large that everyone just calls him Big Nose. He’s a good sailor though, mad in battle, and when he charges his one ship into action to fight three pirates, he wears full black armour – and dances the galliard in it.
Now there’s a scene I dream of shooting!

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Two-Faced by Melissa Pearl Teaser Post



Caitlyn Davis has an unusual gift. She knows exactly how people feel. Everyone wears a mask, but she sees the hidden truth. This ability has changed her life, both for the better and worse. She can choose to ignore what she sees…but what happens when it involves the guy she loves?

Eric Shore knew getting involved with a girl who could read people was risky, but he couldn’t help himself. Caitlyn is gorgeous and he loves being with her. Their relationship is going great…until she tells him that his step-brother and star basketball player, Connor, is doing drugs. Having looked up to the guy for years, Eric just can’t buy it. Things only get worse when Caitlyn questions the true nature of Eric’s favorite teacher.

The first year at college is supposed to be amazing, but theirs is off to a rocky start. As masks are peeled away, secrets will be exposed, dangers will be revealed, and both must decide out of the people closest to them, who is telling the truth…and who is being two-faced.

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1C3gOGo
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1s3RspC

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Maidens in the Night by Mark Morey




It is Whitechapel in London, November 1888. Young, attractive prostitute Mary Kelly is stalked by someone, but who? Former client Joe Flemming, the serial killer Jack the Ripper who has murdered four or five prostitutes already, or someone else? She knows any man she meets could kill her, but she has no choice other than to work the streets.


Once again..I hate the cover of this book. But, never judge a book by its cover!!

Mr. Morey did an excellent job weaving fact and fiction together to tell this tale. This story is based on real life events. Mary Kelly was a tough woman trying to survive in the late 1800s.

The writing is a little “stiff” in places and the conversations could flow a little easier. But, A very interesting read indeed!

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