Family Secrets by Donna M. Zadunajsky



Alexis has had big dreams all her life, and she’s worked hard to make them happen! After college, she married and had a beautiful baby boy, living her dream as “Mommy” until Colton was safely entrenched in grade school. She lands her dream job at NASA, and her supportive husband, Jay, takes the lead on raising their son. The perfect family, right? 
Twelve years later with no warning and no reason, Jay commits suicide. Colton goes into denial and blames his mother; Alexis buries herself in her work. 
Seven months later, Alexis’s biggest dream comes true. She’s going to be on the next space shuttle! Her victory is short-lived when she finds out she has breast cancer. As her health declines, Colton delves into the dangerous circumstances of his father’s death. 

“Family Secrets” crept into Alexis’s life when she wasn’t paying attention. Will she and her son ever find out the truth? Or is it too late? 


What a myriad of tragedy…Alexis has had her share. She is a strong woman and works hard to overcome all that life has thrown at her. 

This is a heavy, but wonderful read. You get so caught up in Alexis’ life. You have to keep reading to find out what happens next!

This is a very emotional, tear jerker read. 

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Running Blind by Cindy Gerard PLUS GIVEAWAY #XOXperts



Tension sizzles in this new book in the One-Eyed Jacks series by New York Times bestseller Cindy Gerard: a sexy, pulse-pounding story featuring special ops agent Jamie Cooper and a female cyber analyst as they fight for justice and fall in love.

No commitments, no promises, no looking back. Those are her rules. They used to be his rules, too. Counterterrorism operative and shameless playboy Jamie Cooper has gone head-to-head with some formidable opponents, but none so quick-witted, free-spirited, and smokin’ hot as security analyst Rhonda Burns. She lives up to her name, all fiery passion and zero inhibitions. In the wake of a sniper attack that leaves a close friend clinging to life, the duo is pegged to undertake the One-Eyed Jacks’ latest security mission alone—an assignment that leads them to a top-secret desert military facility. Almost immediately, the sexual tension that has been brewing for months erupts, blindsiding Rhonda and Jamie with the intensity of their feelings. They try to play it cool, but when an elite terrorist team makes the future uncertain, they ask themselves: is it now or never?


If you need a good, quick read, this is it. This is a beach read and a half!!

The characters are perfect together. Rhonda and Jamie meld well together and really keep the story flowing. Rhonda, with her angora sweaters and Jamie, with his VERY masculine ways…OOOOLALA!!

The tale is very predictable and not real unique. But, it is action packed and entertaining nonetheless.  With all the shoot outs and covert action, it is a mover and a shaker! 

I received this book for an honest review through the XOXpert street team (which I love!!!) 


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Giveaway from XOXpert


As part of the XOXpert street team, I receive a lot of books..boy do I LOVE that!! Comment to win one of these books!! I will select a comment at random as the winner. Check out the Simon and Schuster website XOXO after dark Here.  

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Solo by Kevin V. Symmons



Jessica Long has the voice of an angel. But Jesse’s cold beauty masks a brutal past filled with privation and cruelty. As the talented soprano approaches her final year at New England Conservatory, she is faced with a choice: stay with her striking young lover or accept the offer of a successful Broadway producer. She chooses the latter only to discover that fame can exact a cruel price. After years of yearning, the lovers meet again – at Jesse’s ragged homestead on the Maine Coast.  

Matt will reveal the benefactor who’s followed and protected Jesse as the lovers face a confrontation with the jealous pursuer who’s tried to destroy her. One final choice awaits that may cost Jesse both Matt and her life. The Broadway impresario, a mysterious crime lord, and Matt’s stunning literary agent head a cast of absorbing secondary characters. Filled with unexpected plot twists, Solo is a classic, leading the reader over a bittersweet tapestry spanning fifteen years.


There is so much packed into this book.  It is hard to put down. Both characters are strong and they keep you melded to the pages.  You just can’t help but fall in love with both of them. 

The twists and turns of the plot are unique!  You never knew what was going to happen next or where a twist would lead. 

An intriguing read!!

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Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspear 


In the third novel of this bestselling series, London investigator Maisie Dobbs faces grave danger as she returns to the site of her most painful WWI memories to resolve the mystery of a pilot’s death

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone. Alexander McCall Smith’s Precious Ramotswe. Every once in a while, a detective bursts on the scene who captures readers’ hearts–and imaginations–and doesn’t let go. And so it was with Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs, who made her debut just two years ago in the eponymously titled first book of the series, and is already on her way to becoming a household name.

A deathbed plea from his wife leads Sir Cecil Lawton to seek the aid of Maisie Dobbs, psychologist and investigator. As Maisie soon learns, Agnes Lawton never accepted that her aviator son was killed in the Great War, a torment that led her not only to the edge of madness but to the doors of those who practice the dark arts and commune with the spirit world.

In accepting the assignment, Maisie finds her spiritual strength tested, as well as her regard for her mentor, Maurice Blanche. The mission also brings her together once again with her college friend Priscilla Evernden, who served in France and who lost three brothers to the war–one of whom, it turns out, had an intriguing connection to the missing Ralph Lawton.

Following on the heels of the triumphant Birds of a Feather, Pardonable Lies is the most compelling installment yet in the chronicles of Maisie Dobbs, “a heroine to cherish” (Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review).


I reviewed Birds of a Feather – book 2 yesterday. I actually read, not listened to Pardonable Lies. I have to say, I enjoy listening to this series more. I think the narrator does a great job. I caught myself using her voices for some of the characters as I was reading. 

I do not know if that is the reason I did not enjoy this book as well as the others. Possibly! However, this one slowed down a good bit in the middle and lost its umph! 

Maisie is still the strong female lead you expect from the first books. However, the story fishtailed for me and became low-key. 

It is still a comfortable read, just not as enjoyable as the first two books. Still want to head over to the fourth book. 

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Christmas in March NEW TECNIQUE 


I found this technique in the Spring issue of Card Magazine. Here is the article.


I found it easier to wipe the embossing powder off with a paint brush and not a paper towel. I had better control. Also, I like the layering in the magazine better than what I did. I am going to attempt this again. I do like the non conformity of the results. 

Thanks for stopping by!!! 

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Birds of a Feather by Jacqueline Windspear 



Jacqueline Winspear’s marvelous debut, Maisie Dobbs, won her fans from coast to coast and raised her intuitive, intelligent, and resourceful heroine to the ranks of literature’s favorite sleuths. Birds of a Feather, its follow-up, finds psychologist and private investigator Maisie Dobbs on another dangerously intriguing adventure in London “between the wars.” 

It is the spring of 1930, and Maisie has been hired to find a runaway heiress. But what seems a simple case at the outset soon becomes increasingly complicated when three of the heiress’s old friends are found dead. Is there a connection between the woman’s mysterious disappearance and the murders? Who would want to kill three seemingly respectable young women? As Maisie investigates, she discovers that the answers lie in the unforgettable agony of the Great War.


When I was asked to review this novel I was already listening to the book. I agreed to review it even though I do not review books I listen too. Just a standard of mine. So much of the book depends on the narrator. Also, I feel like I miss some thing when I listen because I get distracted and never rewind to hear what I miss. That being said….here goes!!

This book is number 2 in the series. As a reader, it is always a challenge on the second book. Will it hold up to the standard of the first? This one did. I enjoy Maisie and her side kick Billy, the setting, and the time period. Maisie drives a MG and I can just picture her zipping around town solving the mystery. 

Maisie is a strong, smart female character. She approaches the mystery with charm and intellect. She also has empathy. Sometimes authors miss that in characters. The story moves quickly and keeps you guessing! 

This series is a comfortable read. Keeps you entertained and wanting more! 

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Barnes and Noble


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Unlocking the Mystery of You by D.L. Anderson 

This is a Book Spotlight at request of the author!!! I love being a book blogger 


“Without purpose there can be no fulfillment—and although we can surely live without fulfillment, we will scarcely feel alive. 

Every one of us has a purpose in life and an array of life offices which we were destined to fulfill. Fulfillment, then, must come via the realization of our purpose and our designated offices. Therefore, seeing as we can not find fulfillment following any other course, D.L. Anderson has dedicated this leading composition within his “Pinnacles of Life” book series to analyzing the ins and outs of purpose, and revealing how living a life of purpose is the first step in securing fulfillment and ultimately fulfilling our destiny. 

To assist each purpose seeker in this crucial endeavor, D.L. Anderson has formulated a progressive roadmap which he has labeled as, “The Pinnacle of Purpose,” a series of 7 unique steps which have the power to progressively transform each purpose seeker into the man or a woman they were destined to be while living the life they’ve always imagined. Thus conclusively, if you are ready to walk the path dedicated to your purpose, you should know that this book was written with you in mind. As such, the pages within this composition will lead you to the place where you will find the fulfillment you seek.” 

About the Author (from Authorhouse)

D.L. Anderson is a professional speaker, writer, business consultant, and life trainer whose goals are centered on helping others live a life of purpose while achieving excellence and balance in their various life offices. Drawing on 15+ years of experience in numerous fields including information technology, finance, business management, and, literature, and serving as a proud member of the nonprofit community, D.L. Anderson is very excited to be able to share with others the same principles which have made his life both fulfilling and successful.

Excerpt ( sent to me by the author)

The Answer is You

Do you know what the world’s greatest mystery is? No; it’s not the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Area 51, or cafeteria meatloaf. The world’s greatest mystery is you. That’s right – you. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks, you are the world’s best kept secret. The answer is you.


Now it is worth mentioning that you didn’t start out this way. That is to say, you were not always a mystery. At birth you inherited a clean slate which clearly identified your destiny in life. Twas a perfect blend of dreams, desires, and purpose at the forefront of your soul all waiting to be expressed.


Nevertheless, as straightforward as this progression is, many of us will never see this evolutionary expression; for whether it is in our own life or in the life of one of the many individuals we know, this authentic manifestation of the soul will never transpire. Thus regardless of the obvious nature of our destiny, many of us will never find it. Be it disenchantment, chronic cynicism, or excess distractions, many diverse factors will cause for our clear conduit to fulfillment to morph into a complex network of conflicting purposes and broken paths. To put it quite plainly – in time things changed. They always do.


Certainly there is a great deal I could say regarding this untimely change. Yet to sum it up in 2 words, I would simply state that you changed; specifically when you began the figurative yet inaccurate process of growing up.


Believe you me, growing up is not what it’s all cooked up to be. Why not? Quite simply it’s because growing up has unfortunately relapsed into a defective process in which many of us are actually growing away from our destiny. This ill-fated departure transpires as we are adversely influenced by family members, so-called friends, and the world at large.


It’s a tragic disappearing act to say the least; the end results of which are always devastating, for the combination of these adverse influences causes for our initial blend of dreams and purpose to be buried beneath conflicting factors such as expectations, individuality, and control. Inopportunely these opposing factors work to perpetuate immense personal disillusionment; hence the great mystery of you.


Not convinced yet? How many times have you asked yourself, “Why did I do that?” Or how many times have you looked back on a poor decision you made and shook your head as you wondered, “What was I thinking?”


If you’re like me, you’ve asked these questions more times than you can easily count. See our realities are sure. We only know ourselves in part for a good portion of our early lives. Due to a steady inundation of contradictory influences, we will find ourselves investing a great deal of energy and time in sifting through a great many ambitions, intentions, and the like.


The problem is many of these motivations are not in line with our destiny. Consequently our decisions in life will be heavily influenced by factors which do not reflect who we really are, factors which will fail to transform us into the person we were originally designed to be.


Now you are not just a mystery. You are no longer you. You, my friend, are an imposter. Many of us are or have been.




Have I gotten your attention? If so, you are probably asking yourself questions like “what should I do” and “where should I go from here?” Classically there are only 2 paths to be taken at this juncture (which in my estimation is the most crucial crossroad in life).


Now the first path is an unfruitful attempt to go through life in the afore-described model of the self-impostor. Chances are you may very well find your destiny in the end and after all. However, in the off-chance this does occur, the path you take will be filled with missed opportunities, meager levels of contentment, and several regrets.


Moreover, these several disappointments may cause you to deviate from all worthwhile pursuits altogether and settle for an existence void of self-actualization (self-actualization being the activation of your full potential).


As for the second path, it is the good path. I know because I’ve followed this path as well as others who I’ve personally mentored, and yet others all over the world who are just like us. On this path you will embark upon an internal quest to sift through your personal minutia to differentiate your truest purposes in life from your secondary goals.


You will also address all those ambitions which you’ve somehow acquired yet do not correspond to your destiny whatsoever. We generally refer to these unfulfilling ends as “baggage” or “dead weight.” Customarily they are some of the greatest deterrents to finding fulfillment. Hence they are factors you must deal with in your quest and you will.


Not only these; but you must eventually overcome all things to fulfill your destiny. All you have to do is follow the guidelines associated with the Pinnacle of Purpose, a combination of 7 unique steps which will not only unlock the “mystery of you.” In dedicated fashion, the 7 levels of purpose will progressively transform you into the person you were originally destined to be from your beginning.

Connect with the author 

Authors website



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Barnes and Noble

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