Christmas in November…..what card???? 

It has been tough to choose a card to make for this year! I basically chose this one because it is easy and……I have a lot of this paper!!!

I have run into a snag…..while I was making these cards…I blew up my heat embosser. So, headed shopping! WHOOP WHOOP!!! 

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Smoke by Catherine McKenzie 


A Goodreads Best Book of October, 2015. Named by Amazon as one of the top 100 books of 2015.

From the internationally bestselling author Catherine McKenzie comes an evocative tale of two women navigating the secrets and lies at the heart of a wildfire threatening their town.

After a decade-long career combating wildfires, Elizabeth has traded in for a quieter life with her husband. Now she works as the local arson investigator in a beautiful, quaint town in the Rockies. But that tranquil life vanishes when she and her husband agree to divorce, and when a fire started in nearby Cooper Basin begins to spread rapidly. For Elizabeth, containing a raging wildfire is easier than accepting that her marriage has failed.

For Elizabeth’s ex-friend Mindy, who feels disconnected from her husband and teenage children, the fire represents a chance to find a new purpose: helping a man who lost his home to the blaze. But her faith is shattered by a shocking accusation. 

As the encroaching inferno threatens the town’s residents, Elizabeth and Mindy must discover what will be lost in the fire, and what will be saved. 


Elizabeth is now an arson investigator after years of being a fire fighter. She hopes this will ease the strain on her marriage. A forest fire is threatening her town and her ex-friend’s son is the primary suspect.  This  investigation leads to many discoveries, not only about fires, but about life and family. 

This story captured me from the beginning. Elizabeth and her husband, Mindy and her family are such great characters and the story wrapped around their lives and kept me completely absorbed. 

I learned a lot about fighting forest fires in this book. I love when story teaches me something..anything,  even if I never knew I wanted to know. 

Several years ago I was fortunate enough to win an autographed copy of Catherine Mckenzie’s first book Spin. I fell in love with her writing. And her writing has changed over the years, from chick lit to literary fiction, and she is still one of my all time favorite authors. 

 I received this novel from Netgalley for a honest review. 




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Thank You Card

The squares are stamped with a Close To My Heart stamp and the Thanks is stamped and cut from the Cricut

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Echo by Lorena Glass BOOK SPOTLIGHT!


A man and a woman…

They are two blended souls; one being split in two. Bound by a love that is not of this world.

A cruel curse…

Forbidden from being together in the afterlife, they suffer the same edict on Earth if they ever meet: one of them will always meet a tragic, untimely end.

Defiant ones…

They have a secret weapon. When one dies, the other goes ahead (or back) in time to their departed lover’s next (or previous) incarnation, thus defying whoever (or whatever) is determined to keep them apart.

An endless circle…

This cycle of death and reunion spans over a thousand years; love and devotion that transcends all barriers, the inevitable grief and suffering, and the question of whether or not they should break the chain of pain and loss—and whether or not they have the courage—by separating forever.

It is a love story like no other, and an adventure story that transports the reader all through time; from the Dark Ages to present day…and beyond.


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Stirring Up Trouble by Andrea Laurence #XOXperts 



When a prim and proper baker and a laid-back bartender have a neighborly disagreement that gets them both in trouble with the law, a sweet reconciliation is stirred up in the playful third romance in Andrea Laurence’s sexy Rosewood series.

Maddie’s life is perfectly sweet. Her bakery’s tasty treats are rising to the top of every must-have list in town, and her commute is just a block away by foot. She loves everything about her little downtown Victorian bungalow—except for her unbearably noisy neighbor, Woody’s. The bar’s obnoxious and sexy owner, Emmett, seems to live to aggravate Maddie. But he mostly thinks she could use a stiff drink to dislodge the stick up her ass. He’s just trying to run his business. Bars stay open late, they play music, they serve alcohol. If she doesn’t like it, why did she buy a house across the street?
When Maddie and Emmett’s battle lands them in front of the local judge, they’re ordered to do several weeks of community service cleaning parks and painting over graffiti. As they scrub away the latest works of art by the town’s anonymous “Penis Picasso,” the baker and the bartender slowly begin to see there’s more to each other than meets the eye. So what happens if they wave the white flag and surrender into each other’s arms? 


Maddie is a prim and proper baker that owns a Victorian house across from a bar…yes a bar..Maddie decides to bring war against Emmett, the owner of the bar. This war lands both Maddie and Emmett in front of a judge. 

This is an adorable story with a host of great characters. Even though I really did not enjoy Maddie. She is a little selfish and “hoity toity”.  Emmett, on the other hand, is absolutely adorable and HOT!! He and Maddie heat up the pages very well.  Also, Vera and Miss Dotty are two characters I wish the author had expounded on. They kept me in stitches. I would love to hear more about their shenanigans. 

The story line has no surprises but, I found myself smiling many times through out this novel. The chemistry between Emmitt and Maddie gets better and better the more you read. And the Penis Picasso keeps the town stirred up in more ways than one. 

The is an enjoyable romance with many cute antics! 

I received this novel from Simon and Schuster as part of XOXPERT. 



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Playing With Fire by Tess Gerritsen


A beautiful violinist is haunted by a very old piece of music she finds in a strange antique shop in Rome.

The first time Julia Ansdell picks up The Incendio Waltz, she knows it’s a strikingly unusual composition. But while playing the piece, Julia blacks out and awakens to find her young daughter implicated in acts of surprising violence. And when she travels to Venice to find the previous owner of the music, she uncovers a dark secret that involves dangerously powerful people—a family who would stop at nothing to keep Julia from bringing the truth to light. 


Julia buys a piece of sheet music in Italy. This leads to many strange and unsettling occurrences.  When Julia decides to find more about the composer, she gets more than she bargained for. With her marriage on the line and her life in danger, Julia discovers there is more to this music than meets the eye. 

I enjoyed many aspects of this novel. Unlike Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isles series, this tale has a good bit of historical fiction.  The characters are great and the story about the music just kept getting better and better. When it flashes back to WWII, I was in heaven, my all time favorite era. 

The only issue I have with many of Tess Gerritsen’s books is I figure a lot of them out before the end. This one had a few surprises for me which added to the story and my love of the tale. 

I have not read Tess Geritsen in a long while. This was like rediscovering a new friend. 


I received this novel from Netgalley for a honest review 

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Still On Herring Cove Road: Hickory, Dickory Death by Michael Kroft


The first murder of a child raised eyebrows, the second raised alarms. 
Ten-year old Dewey is moving, and he couldn’t be more excited; though, he’s alone in his enthusiasm. Lisa, his mother, and recently retired Avriel, his next door neighbour and best buddy, don’t share his excitement regarding the move from the bungalow in a middle class neighbourhood to a dirty basement level apartment in the lower-class neighbourhood at the edge of Halifax’s city limits where two murders have recently occurred. 

This sometimes lighthearted and at other times intense novel follows Dewey as he befriends a streetwise boy and a boy who only talks through whispers, learns the pros and cons of friendship and is stalked by a killer preying on children. 

“More than just another mystery. This one grabs you by the heart” -Review by Karen Laird of Under the Shade Tree Blog.** 

*Warning* The novel contains speckles of strong language and involves disturbing story elements.


This is the second book in this series. The first is Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy. You can read my review here.

When I started this story I felt like I was reading about old friends. The characters just pull you in. My favorite one is Avrial. He has a lesser part in this story. This one is more about Dewey. 

This almost reads like two different novels. The first part of the story is more of a coming of age tale about Dewey. Then it turns into a suspense saga with some pretty disturbing events. It definitely keeps you entertained and turning the pages! 

I enjoyed this tale, not as much as I did the first novel. There were places that the dialogue was a little stiff, especially between Dewey and his friends. But other than that, this is a really good second installment.   Cannot wait for the next book! 

I received this novel from the author for a honest review. 

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